Cutting bread with Domina high quality bread slice cutters

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Cutting bread with our high quality bread slice cutters is very time efficient. Bread cutting machines are a necessity in places where large amount of sliced bread is needed every day.

Cutting bread is easy when using automatic slice cutters

Cutting bread with an automatic bread cutting machine is quite simple for the operator of the machine. A loaf of bread is put into the electric slice cutter, after which an ON button should be pressed. The bread cutting guide (a row of blades) inside the bread cutter then cut the bread into even slices.

Bread cutting, using a semi-automatic slice cutter

Cutting bread with a semi-automatic slice cutter can also be operated by a single person. This type of cutting device comes in three varieties, according to the width of the sliced bread (9 mm, 11mm, 15mm, 20mm). You can also purchase a slice cutter, which combines two different widths of the bread cutting guide and the width can be adjusted to your needs at the time. The difference between semi-automatic and automatic slice cutter is in using the handle for cutting bread on a semi-automatic machine.

Cutting and trimming breadAutomatic slice cutters with a conveyor belt

Cutters with a conveyor belt differ from automatic machines for cutting bread. Slice cutter with a conveyor belt simplifies the cutting bread procedure:

  • the operator allignes the loafs of bread on the belt
  • the automatic belt pushes each loaf through the bread cutting guide
  • and the blades cut the loaf into even slices

Trim&cutting type of machines have a different bread cutting guide that is able to cut the crust off a loaf. Crustless bread is appropriate for “tramezzini” sandwiches.

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