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Commercial bread slicer for purchase or rent

Domina bread slicers can be purchased or rented. To rent or buy a commercial bread slicer contact us on telephone number +386 41 381 354 or send us an e-mail. We are also looking for a distributor for the UK - please contact us!

Bread slicerBread cutters machines are automatic and semi-automatic

Bread cutter machine you can rent or buy are:

  • automatic,
  • semi automatic,
  • packing table, which is a machine that automatically packages the bread,
  • trim & cutting commercial bread slicer, intended especially for making tramezzini sandwiches, because of the bread slicer guide that enables knives to cut bread on 2 sides simultaneously.
  • the last option is automatic bread slicers with conveyor belt.

We can also custom-make bread slicing machines to perfectly fit your needs.

Price list for Domina bread slicers

Bread slicers are listed on a pricelist. All the slicers have their own functions and capacities and that is the reason of the variable prices. On the price list you will also find prices for spare parts, such as a bread slicer guide, conveyor belt, wheels for the base, etc.

Domina bread slicer: special notification for the customers

Bread slicers are regularly manufactured according to width of bread slicer guides. The regular size of our bread slicer guide is 11, 15 or 20mm, or 11 - 22mm and 15 - 30 mm in case of the combined bread slicers. Our regular commercial bread slicer has 400V electro-drive. For additional payment of 200 € you can order bread slicer Domina also with 220V electro-drive and 11 - 20mm width for layout of the blades in the bread cutter guide.