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Massage LjubljanaOnzonthai Thai massage Ljubljana is an easy and reliable way to a more energized well-being. The release of energy blockades works beneficial to the level of stress and anxiety, the abolishment of pain and relaxation of muscles. It consequently heightens the general energetic state and positive self-image. Thai massages at Onzonthai Ljubljana come in several versions, each is specific in its manner to the release of problematic points, even in combination with reflexotherapy or luxurious pampering with aromatic herb scents.

In addition to Thai massages Onzonthai Ljubljana also offers foot massages, anti-stress massages, chocolate massages and massages for pregnant women. The elasticity of skin during pregnancy is very important, with massages we can prevent the appearance of stretch marks and the loosening of skin after giving birth as well as ease back pain and prevent the congestion of lymph in the body.

Prenatal massage for pregnant women in Onzonthai Ljubljana

Future mothers can suffer because of the back pain and strain put on by the additional weight, muscle strain and softening of ligaments. Often their feet and back hurt so much, they cannot walk or even stand for long periods of time. This is why a tired pregnant woman will absolutely love a massage of the neck, shoulders and back, which won’t alleviate only the pain in her back, but will also lower stress. A highly recommendable massage for pregnant women is also a foot massage, as it releases and improves circulation, soothes swellings and reduces problems with vein flow.

Massage for pregnant womenThe massage for pregnant women must be well adjusted, not only because of the belly, but also because the energies in a pregnant woman just flow differently. Since pregnancy in the first three months is less stable, massages in this trimester are not suitable. It is also good to know that in all months of pregnancy an intense massage of the tailbone, back and neck is not advisable, as these are areas that relax deeply. During pregnancy one doesn’t want too deep a relaxation.

A massage during pregnancy is best performed with the pregnant woman either sitting, lying on her side or on her back. Positions on the belly are not suitable. The massage grip is mild and soft, one has to perform gentle smoothing and avoid hitting the muscles. One should never put pressure on the area of the stomach or the lower kidney region.

A massage during pregnancy can be one of the ways the future mother can get a better feeling for her body, can connect with the baby and happily expect all changes that come with her condition. A massage during pregnancy is beneficial towards the new being growing inside the mother’s body as well.

Future mothers, do not delay and visit Onzonthai Ljubljana, we await you with our soothing prenatal massages for pregnant women.


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