Full body massage - Thai massage at Onzonthai Ljubljana for your well-being

The full body massage is one of the oldest and easiest treatment methods. With this massage we can improve general well-being, affect the health of skin, muscles and joints, the neural system and mental health. The central part of a massage is the touch, which consists of systematic smoothing, kneading and beating of individual muscle groups of the entire body. A regular relaxing massage schedule helps us become more calm, healthy and happy.

Full body massage LjubljanaThe traditional Thai full body massage with pressing, stretching and rolling invigorates the functioning of the entire body, strikes a balance between the physical and spiritual world, and in particular relaxes tired muscles and wakes up the ones asleep. The release of energy blockades is beneficial to the level of accumulated stress and anxiety, elimination of pain and relaxation of muscles, and it consequently heightens general energy levels and positive self-image. The traditional Thai massage works deeper than the classical massage, which is why it is also known as the massage for a long life or massage of vitality.

At the Thai massage salon Onzonthai Ljubljana we offer in addition to the traditional Thai full body massage also special types of massages, like the Thai massage with aromatic oils or warm herbs. You can also shoose other therapeutic massages, like the reflexology massage, anti-stress full body massage or the prenatal massage for pregnant women, which is tailored to the needs f future mothers. These often suffer because of pain and tension in their backs caused by the additional weight, muscle strain and the softening of ligaments. Many also have sore feet and legs and cannot walk or stand for long periods of time. A massage of the neck, shoulders or back will get rid of the back pain and ease stress.

Thai massageGift certificate - a relaxing full body massage can also be a wonderful gift

A Thai massage can be a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, New Year’s, Christmas or just like that. Our gift certificate is a pleasant surprise for a person you hold dear. A Thai full body massage will lead your beloved from the strenuous everyday into the world of well-being and relaxation. So don’t delay and gift this unusual, yet pleasant and healthy present, you will most definitely hit bull’s-eye with it. You can get order your gift certificate via telephone and pick it up in person in our salon in Ljubljana. We can also send you the massage gift certificatein the mail (cash on delivery).


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