Company list

  • ASTEL d.o.o.

    Company Astel in one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment.

  • Avalgon

    Avalgon is a digital startup incubator that is here to help you grow your business from startup to a powerful company. Contact us with confidence and let your business grow.

  • Balavto Ltd

    Main activity of company Balavto Ltd which is located in Slovenia is construction machinery and attachments sale. Additionally they provide you with machinery and equipment for different needs in Industry and transportation vehicles for grounded aggregates and different ores transportation. Balavto Ltd is for more than 20 years authorized delar for Volvo Construction Equipment.

  • BV4-CH

    Connecting Startups with right investitors trough our unique positioning. Devoting special attention to all of our clients

  • Camp Koren

    Camp Koren offers lots of different accomodation: eco camping in tent sites, eco chalets and camper and caravan sites. There are lots of sport activites available inside and outside of camp. Visit us!

  • Copia d.o.o.

    Company Copia d.o.o. is active in the field of investment, catering and tourism. Our offer includes apartments and villas for rent by the sea on Krk island, business premises in Ljubljana, investments in various projects and managing inn Pr' Noni.

  • DOMAGO d.o.o.

    Domago develops innovative electronic devices and applications for sports and health care.

  • Fiš d.o.o.

    Electric bread slicing machines - Domina slicers. Our bread slicing machines are a quality product of extensive knowledge. Slicing machines are safe and easy to use.

  • Floor Experts

    Floor Experts offer a wide range of different floorings. Among their collections you can find parquets, laminate, veneer, vynil etc.

  • Hotel Park Ljubljana

    Hotel Park situated in Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia. Park hotel in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia has got great prices and very friendly staff.

  • Jeunesse

    The product lines found in Jeunesse's e-shop ensure rejuvenation at the cellular level with creams and tonics, and help you stay young and healthy with the help of special nutritional supplements.

  • KOPS PRO d.o.o.

    Our story starts in 1972, when we started with the production of sheet metal products. Kops pro d.o.o. remained in business for the next 40 years in various forms, but technological challenges and the desire to put something special on the market were always in our mind. We managed to take advantage of our sheet-metal experience and continued involvement with professional kitchen equipment and put it to good use to make our technological pride and joy - the Kopa oven. We strive to achieve the highest quality, which is why we select our materials carefully and choose only the best. Our production process is characterised by reliability and a high level of repeatability, which is guaranteed with the use of the latest laser and robot technology and with attention to detail. We value durability and so we do our best to design our products so that you will be able to use them for many years to come. The Kopa brand was established as a result of increased demand for this type of product in the global market and due to the excellent concept that perfectly complements the vision and philosophy of Kops pro d.o.o.