Tourist farm in Slovenia - a holiday away from the noise of the cities

Želinc tourist farm

Do you want to get away from the noise of the cities, hectic lifestyle and just relax? Then you need a vacation on a tourist farm. Želinc tourist farm in Slovenia offers you intact nature, fresh air, homemade food and different outdoor activites. The perfect getaway.

Tourist farms in general

What is farm tourism? Farm tourism is a popular form of vacations. Tourist farms are not meant for massive tourism, so there are no large crowds of people. We can forget about stress, long waiting and noise, which are the synonym for holidays in the peak of the season. Farm tourism is very popular in Central Europe. The selection of various offers is increasing and can satisfy those, who want a vacation with lots of sport and adrenalin, as well as those, who only want to relax.

Želinc tourist farm in Slovenia

Želinc tourist farm in Slovenia has a broad choice of activities, from cycling, fly fishing, hiking, skiing and different kinds of water sports.

For those who like to cycle tourist farm Želinc recommends visiting Cerkno hills. The area offers many trails through the woods and wonderful views. Tourist farm Želinc in Slovenia can also offer you a guide so your cycling is completely safe and pleasant.

Only a few feet from the tourist farm flows the river Idrijca that is rich with trout and grayling. Anyone who likes to fish is welcome to come and enjoy fly fishing in Slovenia.

Hikers will be thrilled to see that Želinc tourist farm in Slovenia has lots of hiking plans to Porezen and Blegoš and even on Tolminsko and Razor mountain. Again, if you wish so, you can hire a guide.

There are a lot of skiing centres in Slovenia and one of them is Ski centre Cerkno, which is the most modern ski centre in Slovenia. Tourist farms in the vicinity of ski centres offer you ski tickets with a 10 % discount.

For the water enthusiasts we have rafting, kayaking, canyoning and more and more popular hydrospeed. Tourist farm Želinc also offers the opportunity to get to know the nature through the eyes of the water.

But if you only want to rest, tourist farm Želinc in Slovenia has an outdoor pool, which is available from May to the end of September, where you can swim, sunbathe or just enjoy a good book.

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