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In Slovenia fly fishing began around 1920. Since then the tehniques have evolved and fly fishing has become very popular.

In Slovenia there are many rivers in which you can fly fish. Everywhere in Slovenia you will enjoy in unspoilt nature, breathtaking scenery and plenty of fish. You can fish for brown trouts, rainbows, marble trouts, graylings and many more. Season for trouts is mostly from March to December.

Many of fly fishing areas in Slovenia promote catch&release. Slovene fly fishermen do their best to maintain natural habitats and conditions for fish. Many efforts are being put in preserving the endemic species (such as marble trout).

Fly fishing - fishing with artifical fly patterns

Fly fishing is fishing where fly fisherman tries to catch the fish using artifical fly lures. The patterns look like real flies. When fly fishing in Slovenia began, fishermen invented their own fly patterns. Slovene fly fishermen are worldwide-known for some unique fly patterns. One of those patterns in the Slovenian Sedge belongs to Seria Slovenica fly patterns. Seria Slovenica is the name for series of 10 sedges which are most commonly used in the European waters.

Where to go on fly fishing holidays?

Slovenia has many beautiful rivers and lakes where you can spend your fly fishing holidays. Different societies have set arrangements for foreign fisherman, so they can have the best fly fishing holidays.

One of them is Želinc tourist farm in Slovenia. The river Idrijca is near by the tourism farm itself and is rich with trout and grayling. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can borrow it or buy it in one of many stores that are specialized in fishing equipment. Fly fishing in Slovenia is getting more and more popular, so Slovenia is becoming a great destination for fly fishing holidays.

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