Improve hand hygiene compliance of your employees

Hand washing and hand sanitizing are the most important acts of personal hygiene, because most diseases gets transmitted by some form of a hand contact. It has been proven time and time again that food workers can serve as the source of infection in foodborne outbreaks, especially when they are ill. Therefore, improvement of hand washing and drying practices is crucial. Particularly in meat processing industry and other food related industries.

To ensure successful hand hygiene, it’s important to have a good hand care programme in place. Following professional advice, it is vital that hands are not only cleaned thoroughly but also dried thoroughly. Germs can be transferred more easily to and from wet or damp hands. Only with regular and effective hygiene maintenance can proper hand hygiene be achieved.

hand washing station stand

hand sanitizer

Effective hand hygiene monitoring

Hand hygiene can be monitored with various products, such as hand hygiene stands, hand washing machines or hand sterilisers. At Nieros, we are producing customized hand hygiene solutions to improve hand hygiene compliance among different industries around the world.

Aiming to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions that user-friendly and sustainable, we place high importance on the quality of our products. Truly understanding our clients' needs, we provide high-quality hygiene equipment that meets the specific industry’s requirements and complies with all the necessary standards. Our expertise is ever-evolving, because we are flexible to the market demands and develop custom-built solutions that will work best for our clients.