Hygiene procedures cover the use of industrial hygiene equipment

Hand disinfection are designed to empower companies in their production plants to achieve the highest quality standards. Companies must follow the changing and demanding hygiene procedures. Consistent attention to hygiene procedures is important in all industries, especially in the food processing industry, where food and raw materials handling is subject to strict sanitary regulations. Hygiene equipment manufacturers create special solutions that maintain a clean and sterile working environment at all stages in the production process. Among the industrial hygiene equipment, there is a low-pressure cleaning system, sanitary stations, footwear and hand cleaning hygiene machines, boot dryers, sterilizers, and apron cleaners.

Hand washing station

Sanitary stations are designed for efficient hygiene procedures

Hygiene technologies have developed special sanitary stations that ensure complete decontamination and sanitization at the production entry and exit points. These hygiene procedures combine hand washing and footwear cleaning. Hygiene machine includes automatic hand disinfection unit and footwear cleaning unit. Hygiene technologies also provide a speed control system and a dosing system for hand washing. Staff can enter or exit the production area only when the hygiene machine detects that the person has washed their hands. Hygiene procedures, thus ensure the best disinfection and prepare the staff for entering into the production area, where all sanitary regulations must be met.

Hygiene station

Footwear industrial hygiene equipment

The footwear industrial hygiene equipment allows effective footwear cleaning when workers are entering or leaving the production plant. The footwear hygiene machine is easy to use, while it cleans all sides of the shoe, on top and the soles. When cleaning, the device releases a sanitizer that removes bad bacteria from the shoe. Among the footwear industrial hygiene equipment are also boot dryers, where work shoes or boots are dried with heated air. Hygiene equipment manufacturers produce boot dryers that can dry up to 30 pairs of shoes at one time and have adjustable drying time. Advanced footwear hygiene technologies reduce moisture in shoes and cut unpleasant odors. Thus, in the next working day, workers' boots are ready to use, while being safe to use and comfortable to wear. Footwear hygiene procedures, at the same time, meet the sanitation standards in the production area.

The hygiene technologies for hand control solutions

Industrial hygiene equipment provides efficient hand control solutions. These include hand dryers, wash basins, hand sanitizers and hand stations with turnstile doors. Hygiene technologies for proper hand washing include some accessories, such as a wastebasket, universal dispenser, paper towel dispenser, paper roll holder and waste sack holder. Hand washing hygiene procedures enable effective hand disinfection when preventing germs and bacteria to find their way into the production area. A hand hygiene machine with a turnstile gate prevents workers from entering the production process with dirty hands. Thus, the industrial hygiene equipment for hand cleaning solutions is following all sanitary standards, which are especially important in the food processing industry.


Hygiene technologies with the use of sterilizers and apron cleaners

The food processing industry and industries, where production processes focus on handling food safely, are using sterilizers to clean and disinfect cutting tools. Hygiene procedures include disinfection of knives, knife baskets, axes, and saws. The sterilizer uses hot water and special washing cycles. Apron cleaners, yet, provide effective disinfection and cleaning of aprons, work uniforms and also footwear. This hygiene machine reduces the risk that bacteria in work clothes will be transferred to food in the production process. Hygiene technologies for cleaning and disinfecting aprons and uniforms follow the strictest sanitary standards since they provide complete cleaning of work clothes.