High standards of industrial wash stations must be met

When working with high hygiene standards in a professional environment, it is of utmost importance to have easy access to the right way of doing so. The only way to go is to exceed as much as possible the furthest known future regulatory standards, is our full belief and philosophy. As a well-known company we add value to yours, by taking care of the highest possible standards in terms of hygiene in your business. While operating, we want complete solutions in order to focus on our tasks at hand. Mandatory equipment standards change every now and then, making it hard to keep up for some competitors in the industry. Looking well ahead, at what might change any time soon will put your business in the strong position where it can overcome obstacles before they even exist. Looking far ahead and focussing on potential changes in regulations can mean the best success on the long run. Sustainable business is what we aim for, when working on exceeding today’s standards.

Hand washing station

Making the right way easy

Making it easy for employees to sanitize their gear, tools and clothes has proven itself to be highly effective in achieving the best possible standards when it comes to hygienic processing and producing. By having the wrong option completely excluded or made much harder than the right way, it is nearly guaranteed that the standards will be met. Discouraging or excluding the possibility of errors in the process, is what we should all aim for when it comes to designing our processes, as there can be no room left for error. Leaving no room for human mistakes can be done in several different ways. One is even more appealing than the other, but a combination of many will result in the total of the sum as complete excellence. Automatic facilities, but also designing the premises so, that nothing is left to chance. For instance, having the hand washing station or positioned so, that there is no way around them, can guarantee the right actions to be taken every time.

Custom solutions – from hand to boot washing stations

Customizing the ideal setup for any type of food handling may come in handy for your specific premises. Each facility, and each type of production of processing plant has their own set of standards to be met, as well as personal preferences, when it comes to designing the process. The interior of the facility should be laid out optimally, for maximum ease of use and efficiency. The ideal situation minimizes losses, and maximizes revenues. With compact, service friendly machinery, the main goals of almost any business are swiftly targeted. When looking for instance for a boot wash station for sale, you could contact us in order to find out what the possibilities are. Full turn-key solutions are possible, as well as service contracts and many other types of deals.

Boot washing station

Metals, plastics, fabrics and (silicon) rubbers each require special attention when maintaining them. The daily care of equipment and tools has to be thorough, but gentle to prevent from damages and excessive wear. Maximizing the longevity of personal protection gear and hand tools is the ultimate goal here, saving time and costs already in the short run, and adding up immense savings over the months and years. Simple calculations will convince you to invest in proper maintenance equipment for your tools, as they are costly, and need to be reliable at all times without exception. Taking the best care with systematic methods and professional cleaning machines, you will be able to make most out of the investments made.