Efficient food processing solutions and food processing technology

Food processing is a delicate industry with rigorous sanitation standards to prevent food contamination. Food processing has to be time and cost-efficient, has to run smoothly with the lowest number of phases possible, all while minimising the food waste and complying with the highest hygiene standards. The food processing technology and the processes engineered have to be highly functional, quick and fully customised for the production line. The work area is a central and crucial part of every food processing production. It can consist of single or multiple workstations. At these workstations slicing, deboning, cutting, sorting, portioning, and packaging takes place. Food processing solutions assure that industrial meat processing is quick, simple, ergonomic and up to all hygienic standards.

Food processing solutions

Advanced food processing solutions and food processing technology

At NIEROS®, we strive to provide a broad range of customisable food processing line solutions for various products such as meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetable, bakery and poultry. NIEROS® food processing solutions conform to the highest standards and requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF. They were designed to minimise food contamination risk and food wastage. Our food processing technology products were designed and produced in-house. They were made from high-quality stainless steel to meet the highest hygiene standards. The ergonomic design simplifies the work process and reduces the labour cost. NIEROS® food processing technology was inspired by our clients who needed swift and efficient service. Our experts developed fully customisable food processing solutions for every company. Technologies, such as food processing conveyor, rationalise production lines and optimise performance. For best time-cost optimisation, the process can be digitally monitored. All NIEROS® food processing technology is easy to clean, manage and easy to maintain.

Industrial meat processing lines and meat processing machine

NIEROS® red meat processing lines serve as complete solutions for the meat processing industry. Industrial meat processing machines comply with the high standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. They cover all the phases of red meat (pork, sheep, beef) processing. Fully customisable to suit your production line, meat processing machines were designed for small or complex meat production areas. Each unit is custom-built to match your requirements, production capacity and type of end product. Additional options and customisable features contribute to a swift, economical, and fully automated production process. Meat processing machine models we can choose from are primal cutting and cutting and deboning. Industrial meat processing is a process with several different phases, which change the appearance and features of the meat that is being processed. The first phase is primal cutting, where the meat is cut into smaller pieces for further deboning and cutting. The cutting and time efficiency are extremely important in the primal cutting phase. Because the workflow of this phase affects other industrial meat processing phases, the work has to be simplified and automatised. Meat goes through a meat processing machine, where primal cutting starts at the standard or pneumatic board. On the boards, the circular cutting system cuts the carcass with high precision and capacity. This can only be achieved because circular saws are easy to add or remove. The meat is then loaded on a food processing conveyor belt with a compact chute. During the meat processing, the food processing conveyor and the other food processing technologies maintain superior hygiene due to the stainless steel construction. Components of an industrial meat processing line are standard or pneumatic cutting board, circular saw, food processing conveyor belt, workstations with cutting and deboning tables, bone conveyor belt, full crate transport belt, empty crate transport belt, touchscreen control panel and control stations.

Industrial meat processing

Food processing conveyor for poultry and marination processing lines

NIEROS® poultry processing lines offer the complete food processing solution that includes cutting, deboning, portioning, slicing and packaging. Customisable food processing technology allows for these solutions to be used for small and complex production plants. Each unit is customised to a production line based on the space, requirements, products and standards. The food processing solutions are compliant with the standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Food processing technology, such as advanced food processing conveyors, allows several additional options and custom features that add to cost-effectiveness and performance. NIEROS® marination processing lines represent effective food processing solutions for red meat, poultry and fish marination. Additional features allow for the marination of other raw food materials. These type of processing lines were carefully planned for large-scale production plants. Poultry processing lines components consist of the main conveyor belt, multilevel food processing conveyors at the marinating stage, marinade pool and connecting food processing conveyor. The marination process starts with the food processing conveyor belt that transports red meat, fish or poultry to the marinade pool. Once marinated, the products are transported by multilevel food processing conveyors for best marinating results. The process is fully automated, which results in significantly less product contamination and damage during processing. After the successful marination, the meat is carefully conveyed to the packaging station.