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Industrial storage racks are suitable for a variety of warehouses

Industrial storage racks are getting more and more popular, due to their flexibility and mobility. Industrial storage racks are designed for warehouses, where they are able to carry heavy loads. Industrial storage racks are suitable for many storages. With the automatic loading and unloading the process is even quicker and efficient. In addition, with technologically advanced industrial storage racks you can also trace the products anywhere in the warehouse - this makes storage system even more effective. Industrial storage systems sometimes contain storage shelving unit, which are also very useful.


Automated industrial storage racks are user-friendly and very effective

Storages and shelving are mostly made of stainless steel and as a consequence very durable. Maintenance and cleaning of industrial storage systems is easy. Furthermore, working with automated storage system is user-friendly and will ensure effective work, done by your employees.

industrial storage

Not only automated storages, but also manually operated storage systems

Loading and unloading industrial storage racks can be done by automatic system or manually. Storage racks for warehouses have adjustable grids 200 mm and standard rack height is 1800 mm. Each rack in warehouse accommodates up to 9 shelves. Industrial storage racks have two depths: 430 mm and 550 mm, and twelve rack lengths, from 600 mm to 1900 mm. Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight. At Nieros, we provide different storage solutions for our customers. In case of any further questions about industrial storage racks or any other type of storage system solution, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you more detail information about storage system suitable for your needs. More on industrial washing is here: