Hand washing station makes hand hygiene impeccable

Hand hygiene

Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Many diseases and conditions are spread by not washing hands with soap and clean, running water. First we wet our hands, then add soap to make lather, rub our palms, backs of hands and between fingers for at least 15 seconds. After that we thoroughly rinse our hands and dry them well.

Alcohol hand sanitizers are alcohol-based liquid, gel, rub, or foam hand cleaners. They don’t require water to clean hands and kill most germs that cause disease and illness, like colds or flu, but we should know that they are not effective on germs that live in our intestines. We apply them to the palm of one hand (to use on both hands) and rub palms, back of hands, and between fingers until the hands are dry. If it does not take at least 30 seconds, we may need to add more alcohol hand sanitizer.

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Industrial hand washing stations

Hand disinfection is necessary in healthcare, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other branches where our hands tend to be contaminated. Nieros hand cleaning solutions guarantee optimal hand hygiene of the personnel upon entering the production area. Efficient handwashing and disinfection can prevent product contamination and helps meeting the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF etc.

As we mentioned, the hand cleaning process starts with efficient soaping, followed by a thorough rinse under the running water. After we dry our hands, hand disinfection takes place, destroying hand germs and bacteria. With industrial hygiene equipment by Nieros and itˈ s automatic hand wash stations this process is well planned and managed, directing the personnel to follow all the steps without skipping.

Nieros hygiene stations are designed for both handwashing and footwear cleaning. They include automatic hand disinfection units, a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear, and finally, a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with one’s hands properly cleaned.

Nieros offers a wide range of premium-quality stainless steel hand washing stations that are Self-standing, floor or wall mounted, and sensor or knee operated. This kind of handwash stations and drying machines have an ergonomic design, which ensures proper sanitary practices. Most of them work as a modular unit, combining multiple functions in one. An automatic dosing dispenser allows hand sanitizers to sanitize and wash hands at once while industrial hand sanitizer stations and washbasins provide thorough cleaning and disinfection of the personnel before entering the production area, which is vital in the food processing industry.

Hand washing station

Boot wash stations

Nieros boot wash stations are designed to prevent shoes and boots becoming a vector for pathogen transmission inside of food production or cleanroom facilities. They are designed for quick cleaning and optimised to maintain the every time optimum sanitizing chemical concentration. They provide fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, while entering or leaving the production area. They are also easy to use, quick to proceed, cost effective and highly efficient which makes them a valuable asset to every business in pursuit of impeccable hygiene standards.

Nieros industrial boot wash stations ensure an easy and thorough boot cleaning while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. While sole cleaners come with horizontal brushes activated with the push of a button, industrial boot wash stations have height-adjustable vertical brushes that thoroughly clean both sides of each boot. Yet, the most efficient by far is the combination of a footwear cleaning station and additional disinfection unit for cleaning and sanitizing both the soles and sides of the boots. All Nieros boot wash stations for sale are constructed in high-quality stainless steel, allowing easy and thorough cleaning.

Boot wash station

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