Industrial storage racks for warehouses can carry heavier loads

Industrial storage racks are designed to store crates and pallets in warehouses. Loading and unloading of industrial racks can be done manually with forklift trucks or automated. Industrial racks assembly is easy and is screw-mounted. Storage racks for warehouses have adjustable grids 200 mm and standard rack height is 1800 mm. Each rack in warehouse accommodates up to 9 shelves 200 mm apart. Industrial racks have two depths 430 mm and 550 mm and twelve rack lengths 600 mm to 1900 mm. Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight. Industrial storage racks have system extensions with additional racks and angle reinforcement. We also produce special storage racks which are optimal for cold storage warehouses and commission rooms with limited area. Racks are suitable for storage and sale on commission rooms in trade, commerce and industry.


Automated industrial storage and warehousing for crates and pallets

Automated industrial warehousing systems offer economic managing of storage processes, optimum space utilization, quick order picking and computer monitoring and bar code destination tracing. We offer two types of automated industrial warehouse storage systems: for full crates and pallets and for clean crates.

industrial storage racks for automated warehousing storage and warehousing industrial systems

Industrial storage systems are great solutions for easy and efficient storing

Our industrial storage solutions for full crates and pallets are gravitational warehouse system with manual storage rack loading and unloading, pick and place system and pallets system. Industrial storage racks for full crates make optimal space utilization of warehouses. Storage racks can be installed without any structural changes to buildings warehouses. Industrial storage racks offer great hygiene conditions in warehouses because the area is free of equipment and is easy to clean. Automated industrial racks are 6-12 m height and up to 30 m long. Industrial storage racks for warehouses are made of aluminium or stainless steel. Automated industrial storage warehouse racks can manage up to 300 cycles per hour. Automated industrial storage system for clean crates ensures economic and space optimized handling according to HACCP standard.

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