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Bin washer machine offers high washing capacity in compact design

Bin washer machine allows for quick washing process with minimum energy consumption. Most of the bin washer machines are suitable for 200-liter bins, which is bin washing system machine manufacturer`s standard, while they can perform washing of up to 30 bins per hour. The washing process itself is divided five-phase: wash load, main-wash, rinse and flow off, and unload phase. Water recycling system enables economic washing process with lower water consumption. Since bin washing machine manufacturers generally include adjustable parameters to their standard models, they are practical and easy to handle with, which further increases their popularity.


Wash bin portable washing machine is ideal for smaller facilities

Portable bin washer machine is great when you need to move the equipment in order to complete working process. It will also work if some room needs to be saved up. In case of limited space, try one of our wash bin portable mini washing machines: with its super compact design, it fits practically anywhere. This way you can also put the bin washer machine into unit rack, and have all the washing equipment at your hand. Wash bin portable washing machine reviews praise their introduction as something very handy in smaller facilities, which aim for high productivity regardless of the space available.

What sets us apart from stock bin washing machine manufacturers

Besides our miniature-sized models, we have bin washer machines with the option of washing of 300 liter bins or more. Given the fact that top bin washing system manufacturers use advanced control panels, we introduced optional LCD display for complete visual of the washing process. To be sure in flawless results, use our digital detergent dosing device for precise dosage of detergent. Water quality is also an important part of washing process, which is why we included water-softening system in our options. Finally, you can have your bin washer machine completely custom-built by NIEROS, which proves us as customer-oriented bin washing machine manufacturer.

portable or static bin washer machine bin washing machine manufacturers from central Europe

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