Industrial washing machine and dryer optimizes the washing process

industrial washing machine and dryer from large to smallIndustrial washing machine and dryer does the efficient cleaning of boxes, modules and other technical equipment used in the working process. These industrial washer machines are designed to clean moderate levels of dirtiness, keeping the equipment in pristine condition by drying it out right afterwards. All of our washer industrial machines feature multiple wash zones, which are generally divided to pre-wash and main wash, with addition of the disinfection zone in our tunell washing machines. Industrial washing machine and dryers include liquid blow-off zone, where liquid is being removed with cold air blowing onto the equipment. Our complete range of industrial washer machines comes with water recycling system installed, which helps reducing the water consumption to lowest possible levels in industry terms.

We produce several industrial washing machine and dryer options

It is possible to arrange industrial washing machines and dryers differently depending on the situation. You can use them separately or you can tie industrial washing machine and dryer into a tunnel-chain, which should be modified to specifications of the machines depending on the equipment accepted. Our industrial washer machines for Euro-boxes can be used for washing of the palettes of different sizes with the aid of mechanically or electronically navigated transportation system. Universal washing machine will properly clean and dry out all crates, boxes and containers by using wide loads and water tanks, which requires a large-size dryer.


We offer industrial washer machines of extra high washing capacity

If your factory requires effective washing of big loads, you may consider our industrial washer machines with very high washing capacity. We have made large industrial washing machines, which can handle washing of up to incredible 3000 boxes per hour. Our biggest industrial washing machine and dryer combo delivers impressive 800 boxes per hour, and naturally there is always an option of higher capacity configuration in custom-designed units. Industrial washing machines and dryers prices can be quite high, but we produce reasonably priced wash machines with superb quality of stainless steel cases, which guarantee successful, continuous activity.

industrial washer machine and dryer prices