Poultry processing equipment is washing machine for poultry crates

Our poultry processing equipment is special tunnel washing machine which is designed for cleaning live poultry crates in poultry processing plants. Different sizes of poultry crates can be washed in the washing tunnel because it has adjustable side and upper guides. Processing equipment for washing poultry crates is assembled of pre-wash part, main washing part and rinsing part. Washing tunnel for poultry crates can be upgraded to a dryer with a liquid blow-off tunnel. All parts of washing tunnel machine are separated with neutral zones. Due to the heavy duty conditions, our poultry processing equipment is upgraded with filters on washing parts. Part of poultry processing equipment is also loading table with driven conveyor and filter system. Poultry processing equipment is also roller conveyor for unloading crates for live poultry.

Cutting equipment we sell is for all sorts of meat

We are manufacturers of processing equipment for meat cutting. Processing equipment is designed for cutting and sorting pork (ham processing), beef, fish, poultry and other sorts of meat. Cutting equipment is manufactured in different lengths and versions depending on the capacity, meat type and customer requirements. The main conveyor belt (PVC knuckle belt with optional cleaning system) is available in different widths from 400 to 1200 mm. Part of cutting processing equipment are cutting tables which can be placed in parallel or at right angles to conveyor belt. Sorting table at the end of the main conveyor belt can be replaced with rotary turn table. The main cutting conveyor can be upgraded with a bone removal conveyor belt.


All processing equipment is made of stainless steel and plastic

Processing equipment which we also produce are chopping blocks for cutting up meat. Chopping blocks are assembled of frame which is made of stainless steel, adjustable plastic legs which offer stability on uneven surfaces and a replaceable plastic plate measuring 60 mm in width.

After processing comes cleaning. Thta's why Nieros offers a variety of cleaningand sterelizingoptions, while also specialzies in industrial washing.

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