Warehouse logistics systems that help you save time and money

At Nieros, we are well aware of priorities of today’s industries that are essential for their survival, such as space and time optimization and rationalization. Therefore, we provide support right where their client needs it – in the warehouse, where so many things could go wrong, and out of hand. If warehouse processes aren’t carefully planned, this results in an expensive waste of time and money that should be avoided at all costs. Being aware of all the risks and the client’s needs, we design and provide warehouse logistics that are reliable, quick, accurate and time effective.

An automated logistics system is an ideal choice for big warehouses

Nieros warehouse logistics help companies make efficient use of every millimetre of their space, enhancing their work flow and creating better profitability. Our solutions can operate manually or automatically. Considering the client’s resources and storage needs, they can choose among systems that are fully manual, fully automated, semi-manual or semi-automated. No matter if systems work manually or automatically, they always provide storage and product transport in the most economically effective way possible. An automated storage system is almost a necessity for companies with extremely large storage requirements. By implementing such a system, all warehouse processes become fully robotized. Items are tracked and monitored with RFID technology, which simplifies the order picking and makes it extremely exact. With good industrial racking systems, storage of goods becomes more productive and organized.

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The best transport systems – reliable and fast

Besides the thorough storage solutions, we really cover it all when it comes to warehouse logistics. To enhance your performance even more, you need the right transport system that increases your productivity. The transport systems designed and produced by our expert team are fully customizable and modular. They cover all types of specific industrial needs. They can be implemented in a horizontal or vertical manner, which allows you to save as much space as possible.

Nieros hygiene equipment

Food processing technology for a flawless workflow

The food processing industry has very strict and specific standards that have to be met in order to achieve the highest level of hygiene and quality. We provide a broad collection of cost-effective and time-saving food processing machinery. Our machines can be used with food products of all types – meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy and many more. They are designed to prevent the risk of contamination, shorten the various production phases as much as possible and minimize the food waste.