Custom made industrial speed burners and burner management systems

The industrial burner is a burner used for chamber ovens and dryers, oxidation systems, heating melting tanks, channel systems, casting pits, etc. Inside of the speed burners, there are an array of processes taking place. Burners usually mix oxygen with fuel which allows them to achieve controlled combustion. Using a burner tip fuel is injected into the system. That produces a specific flame and heat-release pattern for a wide range of applications. Industrial burners are used in various industries for heating and manufacturing processes such as heating, melting metals, welding, providing heat to boiler systems, creating chemical reactions, glass blowing and even recycling. Burner management system guarantees a no-risk combustion process. It is used to record and assess all the critical parameters in continuous operation. The burner management system is monitoring: The start-up and shut-down of the firing unit, flame stability, air mass ratio control and locking of the fuel supply and residual oxygen measurement. Certified industrial burner systems are known for user-friendly visualisation, adjustment of parameters to various fuels and automatic start and safe stop sequences. All burner management systems designed at Procesni Inženiring d.o.o. are equipped with required safety components and made in compliance with EN 746 standard on industrial thermal-processing equipment.

Industrial burner

There are two types of burners based on the number of burners:

  • Single burner
  • Multiple burners set

Based on the remote control, we can separate between stoichiometric combustion burners for use in:

  • reduction atmosphere
  • oxidation atmosphere
  • constant air
  • preheated air atmospheres

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Burners?

As an industrial burner manufacturer, we at Procesni Inženiring d.o.o strive for perfection, impeccable quality and customisable products. There are several different types of industrial burners and the most often used are:

  • Industrial burners

Industrial burners are suitable for various industries due to their flexible design. They have an extremely reliable and versatile approach for a broad range of combustion applications and processes. Industrial burners often have multipurpose solutions for liquids or gases.

  • Constant speed burners

Speed burners are often considered the safest way to inject gaseous hazardous fluids with a difference in composition and flow rate into a burner’s chamber. By widening or narrowing the nozzle gap, they can achieve an immense high turn-down range even at low gas pre-pressures. Speed burners have many advantages like low pre-pressure requirement due to optimal flow guidance, no flow rate addition necessary and rigid construction with lots of add-on options.

  • Industrial Low NOx burners

Industrial Low NOx burners are designed to reduce any fuel attributable or temperature-related NOx formation. The NOx combustion emissions are efficiently reduced due to double or triple staged burner air supply, utilised on accurately positioned and focused lances. Industrial Low NOx maintains staged fuel support and internal flue gas recirculation. Industrial burners are known for their unique design, simultaneous combustion of special or standard fuels and for, minimising operating costs with the help of the latest technology.

  • Multi-fuel burners

Multi-fuel burners are used in the production processes where the application necessitates a stable firing process under demanding conditions. Their main feature is the ability to operate with two kinds of fuels, which makes them cost-efficient and quality-driven. Depending on the process, we can use a gas-liquid or gas-gas combination at an incredible turn-down ratio.

Industrial burner manufacturer producing Low NOx and Channel burners

Industrial burner systems

Two of the most popular industrial burners at Procesni Inženiring d.o.o. are Low NOx and channel burners. Low NOx burners are industrial burners that help to reduce the formation of NOx. The speed burner flame is moved from the burner into the oven. In the oven, the gas is released at a lower temperature, almost without a flame. The speed burner allows us to choose the “low NOx” regime, which requires specific remote control due to the “Low NOx” regime being tied to the operational temperature of over 850°CChannel burners, on the other hand, are intended to heat the air in the channels. They are compact and adaptable to the channels, which helps achieve an even temperature along the intersection. Channel burners are used for preparing the substitute air or the warm air for processes in various industries. Burners have a built-in ventilator which allows them to be used under slight excess pressure or negative pressure. Even though the power is remote controlled, the power balance is very flexible.

Custom orders of industrial burners and industrial burner systems

Every one of the industrial burners we create at Procesni Inženiring d.o.o. is custom made to order. We want our clients to have industrial burner systems that are modern, cutting-edge and most of all, tailored to their specific needs. As industrial burner manufacturers, we can modernise, refurbish and standardise any old device such as speed burner, dryer, oven, etc. We pride ourselves on developing custom burner management systems with the latest technology. If you are not sure what kind of speed burner or industrial burner system you need, we are more than happy to help you determine what is best for your production based on the information you provide.