Ovens for heating products below 600°

Industrial ovens for heating products below 600 °C or above 1000 °C

Industrial ovens are used for a variety of heat treatment processes. Industrial ovens enable heat treatment of different materials of all sizes, at very high temperatures. Items or components that are heat treated in industrial ovens, can undergo different processes that change their chemical or physical structure such as curing, baking, drying and many more. Industrial ovens are broadly utilized in various businesses such as food industry, electronics sector, chemical engineering, automobile, pharmaceutic, and petroleum industry. Our company Procesni offers various types of high-quality industrial ovens, which can be developed in accordance to the client’s wishes and needs of a particular industry. The main types of industrial ovens that we specialise in are chamber industrial ovens and continuous industrial ovens. We offer two different types of both kinds of industrial ovens: industrial ovens below 600 °C and above 1000 °C that are meant for specific purposes. The temperature sensor in the oven helps control and adjust the temperature.

industrial ovens above 1000 °C

Chamber industrial ovens are otherwise called “walk-in” ovens. In these ovens, groups of materials can be inserted to receive heat treatment at separate times. Chamber ovens are very helpful when the material to be heated needs to be changed in various batches. The items enter the chamber on carts, racks or trays, in a manual or automated manner. This simplifies the switching between batches.

Continuous ovens are excellent for industries with large-scale production. Due to their characteristics, they ensure an even and steady heat treating of products. Due to the divided chambers meant for heating and cooling, the overall process is accelerated in the best way possible.

Ovens for heating products below 600 °C – chamber and continuous ovens

As mentioned before, we offer two kinds of industrial ovens for heating products below 600 °C – chamber ovens and continuous ovens. In order to heat treat the products in a chamber oven, the items are placed onto carts that are pushed into the heated chamber through double or single door. Our chamber ovens for heating products below 600 °C enable up to three different masses of products on the batch – 1000 kg, 3000 kg, and 5000 kg. If the carts are of larger masses, they are positioned on tracks instead of carts.

We strive to achieve the best heating speed and the most even heat treatment of materials. We place great emphasis on the design of the ventilation systems and the manner of loading the items onto the carts, because both of these factors greatly affect the final quality of the process. Both the weight of the cart and the weight of the items impact the energy use. The type of burner that is used for heating the chamber industrial oven is a built-in burner that is implemented into the zone of negative pressure. Our continuous ovens are excellent for baking and paint finishing. They consist of an optimal mixture of infrared energy heaters and venting systems with burners. The infrared energy is silent and requires no devices such as blowers or fans. There is no need for the whole industrial oven to be heated when using infrared energy, which is another advantage. The length of our continuous oven is 22 metres while the channel width is 800 mm.


Continuous ovens – industrial ovens that are best for colour curing

Our continuous ovens are a perfect match for heat treatment processes such as baking and paint finishing – in both cases you can expect nothing but perfect results. The continuous oven is essentially a heating tunnel through which the coloured pieces are transported. The transportation of the pieces is made possible with the chain transporter that is located externally, outside the heating tunnel. The heating process is extremely fast, because the infrared heaters are positioned across the continuous oven in an interchangeable manner. Moreover, they also heat the edge of the heating tunnel between two coloured items. This results in a fast heating of the outer surfaces of the product. Therefore, our continuous ovens are extremely appropriate for items with big outer surface. At the other side of the continuous oven, the final stage of the process (convection) takes place. At this stage, warm air circulates through the dryer and helps the infrared channel burner heat the air.

At Procesni, we always do our best in order to satisfy our client’s needs and therefore we provide tailor-made solutions just for your industrial process. You can contact us if you already have an industrial oven and would like to optimize your current process, or if you need a new industrial oven and want it to be built according to all your requirements. We are happy to address even the most difficult technological challenges, as our goal is to find solutions that will greatly improve your production process.