Industrial ovens – what is an industrial oven?

Industrial ovens are large fire-resistant boxes in which heat treatment processes take place. They operate at extremely high temperatures and are used for heat treatment of different materials, both in liquid or solid state, such as steel, powder, composites, glass, ceramics, bricks, rubber, non-ferrous metals etc. The heat treatment can be done by various processes, such as aging, drying, pre-heating, brazing, hardening, tempering etc. Therefore, industrial ovens are an essential part of many different industries. At Procesni, we want to provide each customer the right solution to all the technological challenges they face in their business. The wide range of our products also includes technologically advanced industrial ovens, which are made in accordance to customer’s requirements. Our products are tailored to the needs of each client and perfectly comply with their wishes. Our industrial ovens are effective and meet all the highest energy standards in the industry.

oven for heating products below 600°

Two types of industrial ovens – custom-made to fit your needs

Industrial ovens can be used for heat treatment of different amounts and types of material. There are several types of industrial ovens on the market, with two main categories – chamber or "batch" ovens and continuous ovens. Chamber industrial ovens enable the implementation of various heat treatment processes, which include drying, annealing, aging and curing. Stacks of raw materials can enter the chamber industrial ovens on racks, carts or trucks – depending on the requirements of each production process. On the other hand, continuous industrial ovens are the best choice for industries that mass-produce the same raw materials using a specific heat treatment process. Their specialty is that they have separate chambers for cooling and heating, which helps accelerate the process of heat treatment.

The chamber oven enables heat treatment of materials individually or in groups, at different times. Such industrial ovens are mainly used for heat treatment of one batch. These ovens can be smaller or larger – this means they can be used for various industrial purposes. In essence, chamber industrial ovens are boxes that have insulated doors and are heated to a very high temperature. Materials enter the industrial oven with help of trolleys, trays or stands. The loading process can be manual or automatic. Chamber industrial ovens are used for a wide variety of purposes, from polymerization, annealing, hardening, stabilization, aging, to vulcanization, drying, solidification, etc. The chamber ovens manufactured by Procesni have an adjustable temperature of up to 570 °C. The oven is heated with a built-in burner. Firstly, the products are placed on trolleys and then they are pushed through the oven’s door, which is single or double. In case that the carts are larger, tracks are used for the transportation. Our goal is to ensure the fastest and most even heat treatment of products. This is achieved with a highly efficient ventilation system and optimized way of loading the materials on trolleys.

Continuous ovens for heating products below 600° C

continuous oven

The continuous ovens for heating products below 600 °C, which are manufactured at the Procesni company, enable optimal ventilation and heating with help of infrared heaters. These industrial ovens are designed to cure the paint after the powder coating process. Our continuous ovens for heating products below 600 °C ensure quality heat treatment and evenly baked paint.

This type of industrial oven uses infrared heaters which heat the painted elements that enter the oven through a heating tunnel. The procedure process is extremely efficient, as infrared heaters and sophisticated ventilation systems enable fast and even heating. The materials are moved by means of a chain conveyor system, which is mounted on the ceiling of the industrial oven. This transport system is located outside the heated area.

Our continuous industrial ovens are extremely suitable for heat treatment of materials with large surface areas. After the heating process, the materials enter the second part of the continuous industrial oven, where the convection process takes place. The drying is achieved with air heated by an infrared burner.

Continuous industrial ovens for heat treatment

Continuous industrial ovens for heating products below 600 °C are suitable for heat treatment that involves various types of processes, such as: aging, preheating, solidification, baking, annealing, hard soldering, drying, normalization, strengthening, hardening etc. With the right heat treatment, chemical or physical alternation of material properties can be achieved. These materials can be either ferrous or non-ferrous. ž

The treatment process consists of selectively cooling and heating the materials, which often occurs below 600 °C. Continuous ovens allow heat treatment of various products such as steel plates, welded assemblies, shafts, aluminum ingots etc. At Procesni, we have the knowledge and experience in the manufacture of industrial ovens for heat treatment for heat treatment. Our products are technologically advanced and made for the needs of various industries. If you are interested in our industrial ovens, contact us and we will be happy to advise you on choosing the industrial oven that will best suit your needs.