Industrial ovens are frequently used in steel industry

Industrial ovens are used in a variety of industries world-wide. Heat treatment processes are common in steel industry where steel has to be remelted or reshaped or otherwise heat treated. Nevertheless, heat treatment process and industrial ovens are frequently used also in other industries, such as glass industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry, brick industry, rubber industry, as well as in the non-ferrous metal industry, in sintering, etc.

In our company, we are aware of the importance of the heat treatment of different materials. Therefore, we specialised in developing industrial ovens, that ensure high quality and even heating of steel or other materials. Check out our website and ask us about industrial baking ovens for sale or about any information you need about industrial ovens.

Industrial oven

What types of industrial ovens are common nowadays?

Industrial ovens come in various types like chamber ovens, continuous ovens, and a lot more. Industrial ovens are basically big chambers which are heated to perform a wide variety of functions for industrial settings. These big or small industrial applications may continuously come in sets or batches on conveyor belts, or intended for different materials that require varying temperature settings. Industries or facilities that utilize such ovens are those engaged in chemical processing, metal industry, manufacturing of food products, or those that produce circuit boards as electronic parts.

High-quality and user-friendly as well as very efficient industrial oven

We produce a range of industrial ovens. First for heating materials to approximately 600 Degrees and other ones that ensure heat treatment up to 1000 Degrees. In both categories you can find chamber industrial ovens as well as continuous industrial ovens.

In ovens that heat substances below 600 degrees Celsius, circulating fans ensure even heating of the products. The heating time depends on the product to be placed in the oven. In any case, we also took care of minimal heat losses. The industrial oven is perfectly insulated. It boasts stone wool insulation and is equipped with a double ceiling and walls, which also serve for the supply and exhaust of recirculated air.

What is the difference between chamber and continuous industrial ovens?

As mentioned before, we produce both – chamber and continuous ovens. Conveyor or continuous ovens are usually integrated in automated processing lines. Industrial facilities that make use of conveyor or continuous ovens in their production assembly lines have higher capacities to process large amounts of goods or materials. On the other side, chamber ovens are basically big chambers where heat treatment of different materials is provided. 

industrial ovens bellow 600 degrees

In our industrial ovens that heat materials below 600 degrees are easy and safe to use. Products are loaded on the chamber oven trolley, which are pushed into the oven through the single or double door with the trolley. Larger trolleys are equipped with a drive and are usually placed on rails. The uniformity of the products and the heating rate are influenced by the way the products are loaded on the trolley and the size of the circulating systems. The specific consumption is strongly influenced by the ratio between the weight of the trolley and the weight of the products. On the vacuum side, a burner is built into the oven to heat the space.

However, chamber industrial ovens that heat materials above 1000 degrees are not falling behind. To achieve uniformity, they have built-in burners that mix the atmosphere with a large pulse. Sometimes it is necessary to provide a special atmosphere in such ovens (oxidative, reduction or even mixed - initially oxidative towards the end reduction). Also, the temperature rises and falls along the curve.

We also care about nature friendly processes in our company

In our company, we are looking forward to ensuring all our clients’ needs are met with our products. But we also worry about our environment, therefore, we with our work and knowledge we make sure that the final products are economically sustainable and environmentally friendly. The high level of industrialization and the obsolescence of technology represent a great burden on the environment. At the same time, the Slovenian structure of industry must also take into account the high level of energy consumption per unit of product. The positive impact of investments in environmental protection on reducing production costs, increasing the social product and creating new jobs is also provable. We achieve ecological and responsible behaviour in our company by developing new and innovative technologies and procedures that are as nature-friendly as possible and have a minimal impact on the environment.

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