What is an industrial continuous and chamber oven?

Before getting into our highly technologically developed industrial ovens, many of you are probably asking yourselves what is an industrial oven? Industrial ovens are heated chambers used for a variety of industrial applications, including drying, curing, or baking components, parts or final products. Industrial ovens can be used for large or small volume applications, in batches or continuously with a conveyor line, and a variety of temperature ranges, sizes and configurations. Ovens like this are used in numerous cases, including chemical processing, food production, and even in the electronics industry, where circuit boards are run through a conveyor oven to attach surface mount components.

The industrial ovens offered by Procesni are used in heat treatment or changing the structure of products. They can be used in a variety of industries worldwide. There are several different classifications of industrial ovens known world-wide, which differ according to the following criteria:

  • technological purpose (melting, heating, heat treatment, sintering, drying),
  • heat source (gas, fuel oil, coal, electricity, no external source),
  • depending on the shape of the working chamber (cave, line, circular, tunnel, chamber),
  • according to the heat consumption from the waste gases (recuperative, regenerative, without heat exchanger).

Of course, we also know other criteria by which industrial ovens could be classified, such as: with regard to heat transfer, with regard to the method of storing the furnace and with regard to the reuse of heat. But these are rarely used.

In our company we specialize in solving the most demanding technological problems. Therefore, we offer a variety of industrial ovens with different types of heating treatment. You can opt for the following models:

  • Industrial ovens for heating at temperatures below 600 ˚C (chamber and continuous ovens)
  • Industrial ovens for heating at temperatures above 1000 ˚C (chamber and continuous ovens).

Industrail ovens in Procesni Inženiring

Environmentally friendly and durable industrial ovens are a standard for us

At the company, we are aware of how important our environment is. Therefore, we make sure that our products are durable and environmentally friendly. The high level of industrialization and the obsolescence of technology represent a great burden on the environment. At the same time, the Slovenian structure of industry must also take into account the high level of energy consumption per unit of product. The positive impact of investments in environmental protection on reducing production costs, increasing the social product and creating new jobs is also provable. The prevailing belief in our team is that the company must be socially responsible. with this comes responsibility for the environment itself. That is why we pay special attention to acting ecologically responsibly, which we achieve by developing technologies and procedures that have less harmful effects on the environment. In the recent past, there were too few companies in Slovenia aware of the importance of ecological behavior, which has changed significantly to this day. In any case, this is also the result of urgent measures to compete in European markets.

What are the EU regulations for heat treatment nowadays?

When caring for the environment, one must also pay attention not to use volatile organic substances. Emissions of volatile organic compounds are regulated by Directive 1999/13 / EC (as amended by Directive 2004/42 / EC), which sets limits on both captured and uncaptured, diffuse emissions due to the use of large amounts of solvents in various activities. Taxpayers who use halogenated volatile solvents in their activity must comply with the provisions of the Decree on emission limit values ​​for halogenated volatile organic compounds into the air from installations in which organic solvents are used (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 71/11). Taxpayers of activities that exceed the thresholds for the use of volatile organic compounds in their activity must operate in accordance with the Decree on limit values ​​for the emission of volatile organic compounds into the air from installations using organic solvents (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 35/15).

In our company, we strive to the best of our ability to achieve highest possible technological sophistication, intelligent technology, as well as energy optimization, safety in use and in relation to the environment. Moreover, our production is in accordance with BAT technology as well as our solutions are the state-of-the-art solutions for concrete technological processes, Hot line support throughout the use of our products (direct connectivity to the device), a method of execution that takes into account the customer's range between minimum and maximum production, if necessary, combining different technologies in one device, long product life, economic durability and a high level of reliability. rapid integration of the new process into the customer's existing production, professionalism, flexibility, cooperation, innovation, customer satisfaction, socially responsible behavior.

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