Metal Haberdashery

Metal Haberdashery

  • Solid rivets

    Solid, semi-tubular in shoulder rivets are permanent fasteners. They are made of different materials, shapes and sizes - price varies depending on the mentioned parameters.

  • Pins

    Pins are mechanical elements used in movable joints. The price depends on customer’s wishes and demands.

  • Rivets price

    Rivets are an important element of different products. Zakrajšek Janez s.p. offers custom-made rivets - the price of custom-made rivets depends on their size, material and customer's wishes.

  • Rivets

    Rivets - permanent fasteners. Price depends on the size, dimensions and material.

  • Rivets and pins

    Custom-made rivets, pins, axles, rollers - affordable price for different metal products.

  • Rivets, pins, axles and rollers

    Custom-made rivets, pins, axles, rollers are the reason our customers come back. Do not hesitate to call us.

  • Axles

    Custom-made axles are used in a variety of fields. We manufacture axles to fit your requirements.