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Half-hollowscrews - specialty, custom made screws

We, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., focus mainly on the production of semi-tubular and tubular rivets, bolts, axles, and screws. Among the latter the most common are metric screws, but we also manufacture specialty screws. Screws with a metric thread may be solid or half-hollow. Such half-hollowscrews are very specific and are quite rare, but also very practical. They can be used for mounting hinges in glass cabinets in which the hinge is attached to an aluminum coating. Half-hollow screws typically have an advantage, because they can be screwed into aluminum and require no excessive force. This is why the deformation of the aluminum is smaller than while using an ordinary screw.

Half-hollow screws

We also have our own tool-making facility for the manufacturing and transformation of tools. We annually produce over 200 tons of serial products for our regular customers. We are also pleased to offer quality products to our smaller customers with their specific needs and requirements.


Half-hollowmetric screws - the price depends on your needs and wishes

Since all of our screws are manufactured to order, their price depends on your needs and wishes. The screws can be made from different materials: iron (Fe), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), aluminum alloy (AlMg), or silver (Ag).

We also offer different dimensions of metric screws (solid or half-hollow):

  • diameters ranging from M 2.5 to M 6
  • Half-hollowscrews can measure up to 40 millimeters in length.

Screws made to order
Our company, Zakrajšek d.o.o., mostly deals with the production of metal haberdashery and tool manufacturing. With our many years of experience, our professional staff, our quality machinery, and our clear goals we can meet the needs of customers with very specific requirements and needs. We always strive to have a modern approach to producing quality products such as half-hollowscrews.

Be it rivets or screws, you will be amazed by our products and their affordable price. Welcome!

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