Axles are a hardware element, which transmit rotational movement

Axles and shafts are machine elements, which allow rotational movement of machinery. Their geometrical axles are usually also the geometric axles of elements, which are installed thereon. Axles are burdened with only a bending moment, while the shaft is burdened with both the bending moment and the torque and is in perpetual rotation. The axis cross-section along its length is mostly circular, but can also be square, rectangular or hexagonal. The size of the cross-section also changes due to the changing bending moment along the axis.


In most cases durable steel with minimal sensitivity to notches is used for the manufacturing of axles. In exceptional cases, axles can be manufactured from aluminum and magnesium alloys.

Axels can be stationary or rotating. Stationary axles have rotating elements on it, which transmit rotational movement, while the axle is fixed to its surroundings. They are used in general engineering, in the construction of elevators, cranes, handling equipment, and vehicles. Rotating axle is used when the parts, which are firmly attached to the axle, rotate with it. They are used in rail and transport vehicles.


Custom axles - we manufacture axles according to your wishes

AxleWe, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., mostly deal with tool manufacturing and metal haberdashery. Our production is directed mainly at the production of rivets (solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets) bolts, axles, and metric screws. We annually produce over 200 tons of serial products, including custom axles for our regular customers. We are also pleased to offer quality products to smaller customers with their specific needs and requirements.

Our products are not standardized. All products, including axles, are custom made ​​ according to your wishes and needs. We use a variety of materials for the manufacturing of custom axles: iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), silver (Ag), copper (Cu) and brass (CuZn). Axles can measure up to 75 mm in length, and their thickness varies from Ø0, 6 millimeters to Ø7 millimeters.

In designing custom axles we need to take into consideration the path of bending moments along the length of the axle and design the axle in such a way, that the tensions in all cross-sections along the axle do not differ.

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