Solid rivets are used for both fixed and flexible joints

Riveting joints or rivets are a binding element, which are deformed in the process of riveting and can bind bonded parts with their shape. They are used in particular for bonding materials, which cannot be welded, soldered or glued together - especially for binding metallic and non-metallic materials with very different properties.
Solid rivets

Depending on the design we distinguish between several different types of rivets - semi-tubular, tubular and solid rivets. The latter are further divided into solid rivets with a semi-circular or flat head. Solid rivets enjoy a much longer tradition than semi-tubular rivets. Since they are stronger and harder to rivet, they are mostly used for both fixed and flexible joints. Semi-tubular rivet is easier to rivet, as it has an opening on its stem. It can be used in cases where the connected parts rotate, but not necessarily. Solid rivets are used for load-bearing joints of metal joints. They are riveted with a special hydraulic or pneumatic device used for riveting with steady pressure or they can be riveted by hitting them with a pneumatic hammer.

Solid rivets are manufactured to order, with the use of different materials: iron (Fe), copper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminum (Al), aluminum alloy (AIMg) and silver (Ag). The diameter of rivets ranges from Ø 0.6 to Ø 7 millimeters and they can measure up to 75 mm in length.


Rivets for textiles - as a decorative or binding element

Decorative rivetsSolid rivets can also be used for decorative purposes. Such rivets can be used for textiles, leather, and paper. Rivets for textiles can brighten up the appearance of clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories, such as bags.

Decorative rivets can be used for cardboard goods - in the production of various greeting cards or invitations, and as a binding element in assembling various decorations made out of paper.
Rivets for textiles and decorative rivets can be made of different materials and colors and are available in different shapes.

Why not diversify the appearance of your clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories - solid rivets and semi-tubular rivets for textiles can be wonderful decorative rivets. Contact us or visit our website for more information.


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