Bolts - hardware elements used for flexible connections in machine parts

Bolts are hardware elements used for the assembly of one or more machine parts into a flexible connection. A bolt may have two mechanical parts that oscillate or one part is fixedly connected to the bolt. The oscillating part is connected with a loose fit and the fixed part is connected with a close fit. In fitted connections the bearing bush is inserted into the oscillating part, a machine element of a hollow cylinder, which is designed to adapt to two cylindrical elements. The moving part of the bolt must be lubricated, as it is exposed to wear.


There are different types of bolts - without a head, with a head, and with a head and a screw plug. The above mentioned bolts have a head, which is formed in a way to be easily held with the bolt key and are secured by a nut and washer against axial displacement. Smooth bolts and bolts with a small or big head may have a hole for the cotter pin, which is a securing element against failure of the bolt or nut loosening. This is why we must always use a washer. Smooth bolts without heads can also be tubular and are protected by a snap ring against axial displacement.


Bolts, axles, rivets, and screws custom made for your needs and wishes

BoltWe, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., focus mainly on the production of semi-tubular and tubular rivets, bolts, axles, and metric screws. All our products, including bolts, are custom made - we do not have standardized products. The bolts can be made from different materials: iron (Fe), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), silver (Ag), or brass (CuZn). We also offer different dimensions of bolts, which can measure up to 75 millimeters in length and can have a thickness ranging from Ø 0,6 millimeters to Ø7 millimeters. Since all of our bolts are manufactured to order, their price depends on your needs and wishes.

Our company, Zakrajšek d.o.o., mostly deals with the production of metal haberdashery and tool manufacturing. With our many years of experience, our professional staff, our quality machinery, and our clear goals we can meet the needs of customers with very specific requirements and needs. We always strive to have a modern approach to producing quality products. We also have our own tool making facility for the manufacturing and transformation of tools. We annually produce over 200 tons of serial products for our regular customers. We are also pleased to offer quality products to our smaller group of customers with their specific needs and requirements.

Bolts - variety of uses

Bolts are mainly used in the electrical industry and in automotive and aerospace engines - for rods in mini shock absorbers. They can also be found in elevators, wagons, and furniture hinges; they can be used to mount furniture shelves.

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