Tubular rivets have a hollow stem, which can be used to insert different materials

Semi-tubular and tubular rivets are used for riveting very thin metals and elastic and brittle materials such as rubber, leather, and ceramics, because riveting in these cases does not require a large force. Tubular rivets have a hollow stem, thus allowing the insertion of various materials, for example string, wire or electrical conductors. Tubular rivets are used in the automotive and electrical industry, but they are also present as a reliable binding element in the leather goods industry.

Tubular rivets

In addition to the solid, semi-tubular, and tubular rivets there are also special types of rivets such as explosive and blind rivets. Explosive rivets have a specific explosive charge in their stem, which explodes when the rivets are heated and releases enough energy for the stem to expand and create a riveting joint.


Blind rivets - special rivets for one-sided riveting

Blind rivets are mostly used for one-sided riveting with the use of a pin at hard-to-reach places and while riveting hollow profiles.

Blind rivets can be divided into groups based on their dimensions and based on some other characteristics:

  • Based on their purpose we distinguish between standard and water-proof rivets and brands such as Fioriv, Multiriv, and Treriv.
  • Rivet heads can be made from different materials such as aluminum, copper, steel or stainless steel;
  • Rivet heads can be flat, countersunk or wide.

Tubular rivets from colorful metals - Colorful rivets

Colorful rivetsSpecial tubular rivets are made from steel and colorful metals, such as copper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminum (Al), and aluminum alloy (AlMg). Such colorful rivets have a diameter ranging between Ø 4 and Ø 6 millimeters and their length can reach up to 35 millimeters.

Solid, semi-tubular, and tubular rivets are designed to bind modular parts into a whole. We, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., also make demountable fasteners such as screws (solid and half-hollow metric screws), axels, and bolts.

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