Screws - cylindrical or tapered connecting elements (fasteners) with a thread

Screws are cylindrical or tapered fasteners. They consist of a connection thread and a head, which allows tightening. The screw can be screwed into a larger machine part or two parts are fastened together using a screw and nut. Screws, compared with nails, enable greater strength of the joint, but can also withstand fastening. The wood screw, compared to a nail, has triple strength. In addition, the screw joints are much easier to remove, thus leaving the material intact.


Screws are divided into types according to:

  • dimension;
  • thread (metric or inch thread);
  • material (steel, stainless steel or inox, brass, aluminum, nylon)
  • shape of the head (hexagonal, cylindrical, spherical, countersunk);
  • purpose (wood, metal, concrete, self-drilling screws);
  • strength class;
  • groove in the head (straight slot, hexagon, Phillips, torx, hex);
  • special features (specialty screws - custom made screws )

Manufacturing screws from different materials

Screw productionSteel screws are available in bare, raw, and refined galvanic form. The raw versions are intended for indoor use and for parts of machinery. Galvanic versions are intended for protection against rust with layers of zinc or nickel, which is why they are suitable for outdoor use. They are also visually more appealing, due to those protective layers. Screws made from colorful metals such as brass, hardware brass, and bronze do not corrode and are used for sanitation and ornamental purposes. The material is, unlike steel, less resistant to pressure.

Stainless steel screws made from a solid alloy are also intended for outdoor use. These are extremely resistant screws that serve their purpose well in places that are constantly exposed to moisture or chemical stress such as in the basement, on the roof, and in swimming pools. They are also used for boats, vehicles, and laboratory equipment.

Manufacturing and sale of custom screws

We, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., manufacture screws in addition to bolts, rivets, and axles. We manufacture metric screws (solid and half-hollow) with a standardized thread, which are also known as metal screws. They have an evenly distributed thread along their cylindrical body and are recognized by the M marking in combination with numbers, which indicate their thickness (diameter) and length.

The manufacturing of screws in our company is not limited to only simple metal screws. Upon request, we also manufacture specialty screws, which can have a hole in the stem and various teeth on and below the head. We manufacture metric and specialty screws ranging in thickness from M 2.5 to M 6, with a length of up to 40 millimeters.

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