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Rivets - connecting elements, which bind bonded parts with their shape

Rivets are a connecting element made ​​of steel, copper, brass or aluminum, which are deformed in the riveting process and bind bonded parts with their shape. A cylindrical tip is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, so that its curved portion (head) stays outside. The rounded part is then press flattened and the deformed rivet permanently binds bonded parts and transmits operating loads with its shape.


Riveting can be hot or cold. Hot riveting is applicable for steel rivets, which have a diameter greater than 10 millimeters. The rivet is heated to approximately 1000 °C; it is then inserted into the hole and riveted. While cooling the rivet contracts and strongly compresses the riveted parts. Cold riveting is suitable for steel rivets, which have a diameter under 10 millimeters, and rivets made from non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, and aluminum). The rivet becomes permanently deformed in the hole and completely fills the hole in the riveted parts. Faced with operating loads the rivet acts like a pin.

Based on their shape we distinguish between the following types of rivets:

There are also special versions of this product, such as blind rivets and exploding rivets. The former are used for one-sided riveting by means of pins in hard-to-reach places and for riveting hollow profiles. The others have a specific explosive charge in their stem, which explodes when the rivets are heated and releases enough energy for the stem to expand and create a riveting joint.

Rivets to orderRivets - the price depends on your wishes

We, at Zakrajšek d.o.o. in addition to bolts, axles, and metric screws, also produce a variety of custom rivets. Solid rivets and semi-tubular rivets are made ​​from different materials and in sizes ranging from Ø0, 6 mm to Ø8 mm, with a length of up to 75 mm. We also make contact rivets out of silver wire ranging from Ø0, 6 mm to Ø8 mm in thickness. Price of custom rivets depends on the desired material, selected dimensions, and your working needs and desires.

Visit us and we will manufacture a variety of quality rivets for all of your riveting needs and you will be impressed by our favorable prices. We also invite you to visit our website!

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