Solid screws - metric screws with a full thread

There are a large number of different types of screws depending on their purpose. They vary in type, size and form of thread, screw head, and thread type. We distinguish between screws for metal, wood or plastic, and other specific types. Most commonly used screws have a metric thread, which is, in relation to the pitch thread, divided into normal and fine respectively.

Solid screws
We, at Zakrajšek d.o.o., manufacture rivets, bolts, axles, and metric screws made ​​to order ​​from different materials and in different dimensions. We can manufacture metric screws with a partial or full thread. The latter are also called solid screws. Metric solid screws may be made of iron (Fe), copper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminum (Al), aluminum alloy (AlMg) or silver (Ag). Their diameter ranges between 2.5 millimeter and 6 millimeters and their length can reach up to 40 millimeters. In addition to the dimensions of the screw you can also choose the shape of the head and notches.


We also manufacture special screws, whose dimensions do not differ from metric screws. We can manufacture screws with a hole in the stem and with a variety of teeth on and below the head.

Screws with countersunk head enable fine-tuning of drilling attachments

Screws with countersunk headSolid screws may have a different head shape and can thus be used in various ways. The most important standard shapes are lenticular, semicircular, countersunk (flat head), and pan head. Screws with countersunk head allow precise adjustment of drilling attachments, which provides better power transmission and simpler management. In this case pre-drilling is not necessary.

Screws with countersunk head can have a cross-recessed notch or a rectangular/hexagonal hole. Screws with notches are not centered automatically, but need guiding while screwing. Screws with cross-recessed notches are self-centering, so they are suitable for screwing with tools.

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