Rivets - permanent mechanical fasteners

Rivets and pinsRivets are mechanical fasteners consisting of a shaft and a wider part called a head. Rivets are used for joining surfaces that cannot be welded, soldered or glued together. During installation, rivets are deformed creating a permanent bond between the two surfaces. The deformed rivet can effectively support operating loads.
There are different types of rivets: solid, semi-tubular, tubular and special types such as shoulder rivets. Solid rivets can have a button, a countersunk or a pan head.
Zakrajšek Janez s.p. is a small company that manufactures different metal products made of stainless steel, cooper, iron, brass, aluminium and silver. We offer rivets of different shapes and sizes as well as pins, rollers, shafts and axels.

Pins, rollers - demountable mechanical elements

While rivets form a permanent joint, pins and rollers form a movable joint. Pins are tubular-shaped elements that connect two mechanical parts but still allow movement. At least one component part of the pinned joint is flexible, but often both parts are. The moving part of the pin is composed of a loose fit, while the fixed part is composed of a press fit. Since the moving part can be worn out, it must be regularly lubricated. Pins are frequently used in the furniture industry for door hinges or fastening shelves.

Axles enable rotation

Axles are used to secure the position of a rotating machine element and are subjected to bending. Stationary axle is fixed to the shell and does not move while the elements rotate around it. This type of axle is used in mechanical engineering, transport equipment and vehicles. Rotating axle, on the other hand, rotates with the elements attached to it.

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