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Setting water temperature with a smart meter

Smart meters have helped many bring their energy consumption under control, but they are also increasingly used to bring users’ comfort to the next level. One example of this is controlling water temperature - setting your water heaters up in advance, or controlling the water temperature in your pool. The most advanced smart meters also work as smart thermostats, regulating temperature and energy consumption for the optimum result. As you can set the water temperature from your tablet or smart phone, there is no more need for pre-set heating schedules. Now you can simply decide how warm you would like your water, when and also where (if you have multiple water heating devices in your house).

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What good is a pool if it’s too cool

If you are lucky enough to own a pool, you should definitely get the best from it. This means that you should ensure it is usable a maximum amount of the time you want to use it, while it is kept at an energy saving mode when you can’t afford the time to hop in. Smart meters allow you just that - deciding what you want to do with your body of water and when. The most advanced versions work in 3 phases and measure several different values, not just W and kWh. Investing in a smart meter is therefore the smartest choice you can make to get the best out of your pool and turn your home into a virtual spa.

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Wireless brings new levels of control

While all water heating systems can be controlled at some level, it is the wireless aspect of smart meters that brings the most advantages. As most of us do not spent days on end at home, and would like to use the time we have to relax to our full advantage, wireless control of water heating systems ensures that our home and our pool are prepared for us once we arrive. We can either set water temperature according to a fixed time schedule, or  apply changes when we realise that our timetables are off. Besides always allowing for perfect water temeprature, this is also the most energy saving mode of operation.

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Keeping your energy bills under control

Smart energy meters work with your heat pumps in more ways than one. Among other things, you can set a top level of energy consumption, and in case your water heating pump exceeds it, it will automatically shut off. This is especially important while you are away from home for longer stretches of time and perhaps unaware of greater than avarage energy consumption. A smart meter will also allert you of this fact and if you would like to keep the heating going, you can turn the pump back on.

Smart spa or smart pool - it all depends on your space

There is no need to despair if you don’t own a pool. There is much to be said for modern solutions which help turn any bathroom into a spa. With the use of smart meters, you can decide whether you want to come home to a sauna, a relaxing bath, a massage parlour, or something completely different. Your imagination is your limit.