wireless smart home

Transform your home with smart technologies

Smart technologies make living easier and are fast penetrating into every corner of our lives, especially in our living spaces in the form of the smart home. With a smart home most of the things you do manually are replaced and automated, as for instance, you don’t have to tirelessly switch on the lights or put it off all the time.

Power socket

At home automation, smart technologies like power outlets and smart plugs are increasing in popularity, and even though they sound familiar, they aren’t the same. These terms are mostly used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be confused for one another. Power outlets and wall plugs are not the same, so what is the main difference?

To break it down, a smart plug is connected directly into a power socket in an outlet, giving you the option of controlling any electronic you want through an app, provided that electronic is plugged into this smart plug. On the other hand, a smart outlet has a similar function to the smart plug, but it is different since it is manufactured to serve as a conventional wall power socket.

To use a smart wall plug, there are different modes of operation, you can use a smart hub or a smart bridge, depending on the type. Some don’t even need a hub and can function without one, but obviously, they will have limited functions. One that can be controlled remotely needs an app, and such set up requires a smart hub. Additionally, if you want to control smart devices in your home using voice command, a hub is very necessary.

With smart wall plugs, you can control your lights and other devices from anywhere in the world through your mobile device. One awesome thing about these plugs is that they make your dream come true, the dream of converting your living space into a smart home without spending a fortune. They are very affordable and are one of the fastest ways to get started in the smart homeworld.

Wall plugs

A smart plug makes your electrical appliances function smart, even if they are traditionally not smart devices. With smart wall plugs, you can get your flat iron hot and ready on time, you can switch on the lights for your pets when you are not at home, and your children can go to bed earlier since you can turn off their TV even when you are not at home. These are just a few, but is there any other thing a smart plug can do for you?

Since you can automate things, smart plugs can make security for your home tighter. This is made possible because they smartly detect when lights are on and you can randomly put off the lights and even your TV set and other electronics. When you are away for a long trip like a vacation, leaving the lights on especially during the night can attract burglars, but a smart plug makes it possible to put off your lights, TV and other gadgets, preventing burglars from noticing your home.

In the long run, smart wall plugs can also help you save costs because they mostly come with in-built tools for energy management, and it makes it possible to schedule when you put on the lights and turn them off, and you can control your electronics remotely.

Have you ever returned home late at night only to be welcomed by dark pathways and a dark house? If yes, then a smart plug can save you from this next time, because when you get one programmed for outdoor usage, you can lit up your walkways and other outdoor spaces, giving you enough light when you get back home.

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