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What to look for when chosing a LED dimmer switch

With a lot of different products on the market, you need to take a little bit of time before you decide on the right LED dimmer switch for your home. There are several questions you need to answer to get to the best fit for your needs. Among them are the size of your light fixtures, as well as their position - are they wall mounted or overhead, fixed or mobile. Do you need easy access to the dimmer switch or would you prefer to have it hidden behing the existing switch, only allowing you to control your lights via an app? Do you want a simple on/off and occasional dimmer for LED lights, or do you expect as many modern features as there are available? How much do you want or can afford to spend? Do you prefer the device to be out there, for everyone to see and to integrate nicely into a modern interior design setting? Luckily, manufacturers and stores producing and selling dimmer switches will be able to answer all your questions and point you into the right direction.

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When it comes to dimmers, size is important

In the world of modern technology, it’s all about getting things to the smallest functioning level. Mini dimmers have been in high demand, partly because of the prestigious place they hold among all dimmer switches, but it has to be noted that there is also a more practical reason: with our living spaces getting smaller and smaller, small dimmers are also great because they leave more space for other necessary items in our homes.

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How are dimmers for LED lights different from others

LED lights operate in a different manner than their incandescent cousins. The latter can be dimmed by manupulating voltage, while LED lightbulbs are usually dimmed by quickly alternating on and off mode. This is the reason why LED lights usually don’t work very well with traditional dimmers and have to be equipped with special LED-compatible dimmer switches. While there is a growing number of LED bulbs which are designed to work with all modern dimmer switches, it is still a good idea to let the sales person know about your specific needs when buying dimmers for LED lights in your home, so they can help you chose a compatible model.

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Chosing the platform for your LED dimmers

This bit actually goes for every home automation solution you plan to use. When converting your home to a smart one, it is good to think ahead. If you only plan to upgrade your lights, you will need a simpler platform than if you plan to add many more appliances over the course of a few years. You also need to think about the way you intend to manage your lighting setup - via your smart phone, i-pad, or voice controlled devices. Again, the best person to advise you on these choices is the manufacturer or store assistant.

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You can learn a lot from other users’ experience

Customers’ reviews have become an invaluable part of every product description out there. Recent experience shows that users lean toward the mini/small end of the spectrum, when it comes to dimmers for LED and other light sources. Because prices of dimmer switches remain buyer-friendly, the majority of users also opt for high end products which enable as many functions as possible when controlling their LED lights. This is just part of information available, which should help you find the best solution for your LED dimmer switch.