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The smart way to control your energy consumption

Controlling your home and everything that comes with it has become a job all in itself. This job just became a whole lot easier with the advance of smart energy meters. Although they were first developped with industrial use in mind, as there is of course much more to gain or lose in terms of energy and costs in a large industrial facility, their practical applications in everyday households soon became apparent.

Do you really need to monitor your energy consumption?

In a word: no. You don’t need to monitor anything if you’re ok with spending as much as you are on your energy bill. The desire to keep a lid on overall energy spending and enforce some sort of home control came from a growing number of appliances, some more greedy than others, in our homes. Smart energy meters were an obvious choice for the chore, as they were easily adapted for domestic use.

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What does monitoring energy consumption involve?

Basically, you can monitor your energy consumption through a smart energy meter and a remote home control system. The system includes several wireless switch controllers attached to different power consuming sources, e.g. electric water heater, stove, washer, even lighting and IT devices. Connecting every home appliance to a wireless switch controller gives you data on specific and cummulative energy consumption, which can than further be analysed by an online app or programme. This will help you determine which appliances are costing you the most and what can you do in terms of mitigating your expences through adjusting, for example, the time frame a certain appliance is active in, or, if need arises, substitute an outdated greedy appliance with a new, more energy efficient one, which will save you money in the long term. Just to recap, to achieve this you will need a smart energy meter and wireless switch controllers, a remote home control system and an app on your phone or tablet.

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Easy installation and monitoring through the electrical cabinet

While devices will have to be equipped with switch controllers, the smart energy meter goes straight into your electrical cabinet, where it gathers all the data sent by wireless switch controllers and feeds it to your smart phone. Installation of smart control meters is an easy task, followed by configuration of the device. Both procedures are explained in detail in the documentation you will recieve with your smart energy meter, but keep in mind that you can always contact the manufacturer for additional support, just in case.

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Smart energy meters can eliminate visits from human meter readers

An additional benefit of smart energy meters is the option to send data on your gas and electricity consumption directly to your distributer, allowing for more accurate readings and billing. This also eliminates the need to schedual visits of human meter readers, although some argue that this is rushing us in a faceless society. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, it probably can’t hurt to have your consumption data sent to your provider automatically, making this another worry you can just forget about and go on to more pleasant chores.

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