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Planning a wedding, in Slovenia or anywhere else, is quite stressful. The amount of preparation going into an event no matter its scale is quite formidable. And one of the big decisions every soon-to-be-wed couple needs to address is picking a venue for their wedding - small or big.

Venue for small weddingWedding venues in lake district - venue for a small wedding

Weddings in Slovenia are quite often held at wedding venues in the lake district, because of the locations immense beauty. Walking down the aisle toward your future spouse, you venue for your small wedding situated right next to Lake Bohinj for example, will make your wedding in Slovenia unforgettable, for more than just one reason. You can have your Lake Bohinj wedding at the Lake Bohinj church, one of the most beautiful churches the country has to offer. Slovenian tourism offers you the best of Slovenia for your dream wedding.

Fairy lake house Bohinj Slovenia
Fairy lake house Bohinj in Slovenia

If you’re having your wedding in Slovenia, why not spend your honeymoon here as well? The country is beautiful, offers a wide array of activities to choose from and you can reach practically any part of it by car in a matter of a few hours. When it comes to choosing where to stay, the fairy lake house Bohinj in Slovenia could be a contender for ideal honeymoon vacation location. After leaving the venue of your small wedding, you and your beloved can venture into the folds of almost untouched nature toward the fairy lake house Bohinj. But off from all the bustle of everyday life you can enjoy your honeymoon in peace and take advantage of the surroundings, without fear of having your privacy invaded.

Weddings in Slovenia are a wonderful option for those, who are looking for their dream wedding venue in the lake district. Book your honeymoon at the fairy lake house Bohinj in Slovenia, for the full fairy tale experience.

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