Camping near Lake Bohinj

Camping near Lake Bohinj is a great opportunity for people wishing to take advantage of Slovenian hiking destinations. You are camping in the Alps, the Julian Alps in Slovenia to be exact, but can still take advantage of the tourism the town of Bohinj offers.

Alps camping - it doesn’t have to be Mont Blanc right away

Campsites in Slovenia tend to be situated close to the Slovenian Alps, which makes hiking in Slovenia a popular tourist activity. What makes the location even more enticing though, is that by camping near Lake Bohinj and going hiking in Slovenia, you can say you were spending your holidays traveling the Alps, but at the same time you needn’t force yourself onto very hard paths, like some of the most renowned tend to be. Your first time camping in the Alps can be in a campsite in Slovenia. After you’ve mastered our destinations, you can be sure you’re ready to take on the greats of the Alps.

Camping Lake BohinjCamping near Lake Bohinj also allows you to see a great amount of sights the region offers. One of the most beautiful spots you can encounter with Slovenian hiking is the Savica waterfall, situated quite close to Lake Bohinj. Any Alps camping campsite this part of Slovenia will surely know to direct you to this jewel of nature.

Another interesting sight for those camping near Lake Bohinj is the Church of St. John the Baptist. The more than 700 years old church was built next to Lake Bohinj, by the well-known stone bridge. It is one of the most remarkable examples of middle-age architecture and wall-painting. Staying in a campsite in Slovenia, particularly camping near Lake Bohinj, will allow you to visit the beautiful church on a day you decide against hiking in Slovenia.

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