Hiking Bohinj tour in a hilly landscape and around the lakeshore area

Hiking Bohinj, in the magnificent alpine hilly landscape, is a unique experience, as the hiking tour takes you on adventurous trails across the hills, plateaus, and mountains that are surrounding the valley and its lake. On a hiking adventure in a mountain world you will pass by many spots to see nature's beauties and points, from where you will have mesmerizing views of the valley. Hiking Bohinj is a great opportunity to explore the vast forests with waterfalls, rivers and lakes. With a hiking guide, you can also hike to the remote gorges, mountain huts, and overlooks that are high in the mountains. Hiking Bohinj hills, mountains, and the lakeshore area is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the valley, its history, and customs.

Hiking Bohinj

Hiking Bohinj Lake valley

With a local hiking guide, you can strike out on a hiking Bohinj trip that will take you down the path around the lake and nearby alpine villages. Along the way, you will get an insight into the customs and traditional life of the locals who live in the valley. On a hiking tour, you will get the opportunity to see the natural beauties of the Triglav National Park and learn about the cultural characteristics of the valley. You will also climb the most famous waterfall in Slovenia, that is only minutes away from the lake. On the hiking tour, you will take the Ukanc cable car ride to Vogel, a popular hiking Bohinj spot, that turns into a ski resort in the winter.

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Undemanding hiking tour to the Peč viewpoint

The easily accessible and marked path to the Peč viewpoint is suitable for all hikers, including small children. Hiking Bohinj trail takes about thirty minutes, overcoming two hundred meters of altitude. Hiking tour starts from the Church of St. John in Stara Fužina village, where you will turn right at a bridge and continue down the path with signposts. The Peč viewpoint offers beautiful views in all seasons. From here the view opens on the lake, Ribčev Laz village, and the surrounding mountains and hills. From the viewpoint, you can extend the trip to Rudnica mountain.

Hiking tour

Hiking adventure on a trail to Rudnica mountain

Technically undemanding hiking Bohinj trail leads to the summit of the Rudnica mountain, which delineates the lower valley of the Sava Bohinjka River and the upper valley with alpine villages by the lake. From the top, you will have magnificent views of the surrounding mountain peaks. The hiking tour leads along the upper valley and across the gradual ridge to the summit. Since the trail is unmarked, the hiking guide will lead you through the vast clearings by the woods, past the cart tracks and the old mining route, where the remnants of the former mines are still visible on the mountain.

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Traditional Savica Waterfall hike

Hiking Bohinj day trip with a local hiking guide will take you to the most beautiful and one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia, located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Its unique feature is that the water flow is already divided into two strands in the hidden underground. The 78 meters high strand drops into the emerald green river pool, from where the river bed flows towards the lake. The traditional Savica Waterfall hike leads along a medium-difficulty path and up the stone stairs, and maintained track. Group or individual hiking Bohinj trip with a local hiking guide is intended for everyone who would also like to learn about the geographical features of the valley, the tradition, and its natural and cultural heritage. Hiking Bohinj excursion will take you from the Ribčev Laz village and then along the northern shore of the lake to the famous waterfall.