How to get to the Savica Waterfall in Slovenia?

The mighty Savica Waterfall murmurs in the upper end of Lake Bohinj, in the picturesque Ukanc gorge, surrounded by steep rocky walls. The waters of the seven Triglav Lakes flow in the karst underground and then flow into the Savica Waterfall, which lies at an altitude of almost 900 meters and about 300 meters above the lake level. Water springs from a steep wall, already divided into two parts. The highest strand is 78 meters high with the lower strand of 25 meters. The maximum flow of water is in the spring when the snow from nearby mountains melts. Savica Waterfall drops into an emerald green river pool with crystal clear water. The Savica Waterfall trail runs along an easily accessible terrain in a forest where the path is fully marked.

Savica Waterfall

From the city of Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall

The drive from Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall first leads to a highway. Nearby Jesenice city you need to take an exit for Lesce and then drive on the main road towards Lake Bled, which then leads to the town of Bohinjska Bistrica. From here you drive to the Lake Bohinj and Ribčev Laz village. At the crossroads, then continue straight ahead on the south side of the lake in the Ukanc direction. When in Ukanc, follow the narrow road to the parking lot nearby the cottage. You will drive 90 kilometers from Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall. It takes only 15 minutes to drive from the Ribčev Laz village to the parking lot below the Savica Waterfall.

Savica Waterfall – how to get there from Lake Bohinj?

You can reach the parking lot below the Savica Waterfall by car or Bohinj bus. On the other hand, the hiking paths and bicycle lanes offer much more pleasant experience as along the way you can admire the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. You can visit Savica Waterfall from Ukanc village or Camp Zlatorog, where a marked pathway begins. It takes an hour of carefree walking to reach your destination. You can also visit Savica Waterfall along the footpath that starts in Ribčev Laz and continues along the south side of the lake towards Ukanc and Camp Zlatorog. This hiking trip takes about two hours.

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Savica Waterfall – how to get there from the cottage?

The Savica Waterfall trail starts in the parking lot, from where the path takes you on a twenty-minute long hike to the viewpoint. A pathway with signposts leads to a souvenir cottage where you pay an entrance fee. From here the pathway leads past the stone bridge over a Mala Savica stream and then up the 553 stone steps. After fifteen minutes, you reach the wooden viewpoint, that offers magnificent views of the Savica Waterfall. The path is open all year, except during bad weather and heavy snow. Savica Waterfall swimming in the blue-green river pool is not prohibited, but the water is very cold in all seasons, as it flows in from the mountain lakes. Savica Waterfall swimming is also not recommended for safety reasons, as there are no well-maintained footpaths around the river pool.

Savica Waterfall how to get there

Savica Waterfall - unique adventures on guided tours

You can take a guided hiking tour to the Savica Waterfall in a larger group or take a traditional hike with a local guide. The traditional Savica Waterfall trail runs from the Ribčev Laz village, along the northern shore of the lake and toward one of Bohinj's most famous natural attractions. Along the way, you will learn about the geographical features of the valley and its natural and cultural heritage. The Julian Alps card for Bohinj area offers many advantages, including free parking, rides with shuttle buses and, among other things, a free Savica Waterfall entrance fee.

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