Why don’t you spend your ski holidays in Slovenia?

If you decide to spend your ski holidays in Slovenia, you will not be the least bit sorry. Skiing is a large part of Slovenia’s winter activities and some might even call it the national past time. As soon as the first snowflakes hit the many Slovenian mountains that are equipped for skiing, ski holidays in Slovenia are a go and people travel to the slopes and resorts in masses. For some of the best skiing in Slovenia, we suggest you visit mount Vogel, which is fairly close to Bohinj. It offers a variety of slopes and tracks of different difficulties. Spending your ski holidays in Slovenia there will guarantee you a wonderful time, especially if you decide to spend this year’s Christmas in Slovenia as well.

Ski holidays in Slovenia

Slovenian ice hockey - we’re very proud of our “lynxes”

But deciding to book ski holidays in Slovenia, doesn’t mean you will only have to spend your time doing that one activity. Why not try Slovenian ice hockey, another very popular sport the country has to offer. The sport had seemed to have almost died out a few years ago, but with the international success of Slovenia’s ice hockey player #1 Anže Kopitar and the very recent very good performance at the winter Olympics, Slovenia’s ice hockey scene has risen from its ashes. Whether you’re already prolific on your skates or have never had the chance to slide on thin steel blade across large expanses of frozen water, you can train to your heart’s content. A highlight our region offers in terms of Slovenian ice hockey and ice skating is the ability to skate across an actual frozen lake. Lake Bohinj tends to freeze over completely in very cold winters and locals as well as tourists are welcome to take this opportunity to transform their ski holidays in Slovenia into a Christmas in Slovenia right from the story books, sliding across Lake Bohinj while surrounded by the enormous and beautiful Slovenian mountains all around.

Slovenian mountains are a sight to behond

Speaking of Slovenian mountains, they also offer another activity, which can enhance your ski holidays in Slovenia. If you’re not too shy, you can take on one of the greats by only stepping outside. Slovenian mountains make up a large part of the local region. So grab your hiking shoes, pick a mountain top and start walking! Breathtaking views will more than make up for the effort.

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