Ski holidays in Slovenia’s ski resorts

Ski holidays in Slovenia are a perfect way to spend your time visiting the country in the winter months. With Slovenia’s ski season extending from December until March, you can spend your holiday in Slovenia very active, gliding gracefully down snowy slopes of mountains, maybe even parts of the Slovene Alps. If you’re thinking about what do to in Slovenia during winter, ski holidays in Slovenia should be way up on your list, no matter if you’re an experienced skier or just starting out.

Book your stay at one of Slovenia’s ski resorts

Slovenia’s ski resorts are many and almost all of them offer an array of tracks, all color coded by difficulty. If you’re an experienced skier then you will have a grand time taking on the red and even black tracks, which are the toughest of them all. Amateurs or complete beginners can still have a ski holiday in Slovenia. During Slovenia’s ski season instructors can be booked at nigh every resort. These trained professionals will help you go from someone barely managing to stand on their skis to a pro in no time. You will spend your ski holiday in Slovenia learning a new sport, form fond memories, maybe even enough to make you return to the Slovenian ski resort of your choice again next year.

Skiing holidays in Slovenia

Ski holidays during Slovenia’s ski season

As mentioned before, Slovenia’s ski season on average tends to extend from December to March, but when exactly you will be able to take on the slopes mostly depends on the temperatures and snowfall during that winter. If you plan your ski holidays in Slovenia during these months, you are almost surely going to be able to take full advantage of the tracks at your chosen Slovenian ski resort. However, even you come and visit a bit earlier or later, you might actually be lucky and arrive during an extended Slovenian ski season, enabling you to ski atop of at least a few mountains. One of the more popular spots and resorts on mount Vogel has in the past extended its season way until May 1st! Why not try your luck regardless of the timing and spend your ski holidays in Slovenia this year?

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