Hiking, mountaineering and other activities in Bohinj area

If you are wondering what to do in Slovenia when visiting Lake Bohinj, you will find below some helpful information about activities such as mountaineering, sports and top sights nearby the lake. Mountaineering is an excellent opportunity to explore the alpine nature in the embrace of the Triglav National Park. Go on an unforgettable adventure and visit the Julian Alps, from where you can admire the beautiful scenery in the valley. Hiking Bohinj trips include ascents to higher nearby mountains, surrounding hills, walks around the lake and across the valley. Mountaineering tours will lead you along marked and secure routes. You can also make a stop at one of the many mountain huts that offer traditional local food. The alpine valley also offers many cycling trails, winter and water sports, natural sights and rich cultural heritage. You can find popular mountaineering tours and other day trips on the Bohinj Tourist Association website.

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Unforgettable mountaineering tours near the lake

On the Bohinj Tourist Association website, you will find some excellent ideas about what to do in Slovenia when visiting the beautiful alpine lake. Here, you can search for various mountaineering tours with starting points near the lake. If you would like to have astonishing views of the lake and the valley, you can go on a mountaineering trip to Kosijev dom na Vogarju, which is located on the edge of the forest high above the lake. Peč, another viewpoint, is located at an altitude of 650 meters. At the top of Peč, you will have a beautiful view of the lake and its surroundings. From here you can continue towards the Rudnica viewpoint. If you are wondering what to do in Slovenia when being an experienced hiker, you can set out on a mountaineering tour to Mt. Črna prst at an altitude of 1844 m. The summit is located near the lower Bohinj mountains and above Bohinjska Bistrica town.

Bohinj Aquapark and Bohinj zipline

After a mountaineering tour in the fresh alpine air, you can pamper yourself in the Bohinj Aquapark with warm pools, jacuzzi, and sauna park. Bohinj Aquapark in Bohinjska Bistrica offers different packages and tickets to enjoy in the pool complex and the sauna park. There is a big swimming pool, two jacuzzies, and a children's pool. Bohinj Aquapark also offers a climbing wall above the swimming pool, several water slides, pools with water nozzles, wild rivers, and a tropical waterfall. Bohinj Aquapark has a summer outdoor patio for sunbathing and relaxation. You can also relax in the salt room with the best Slovenian salt, which has many beneficial effects. Bohinj Aquapark and Wellness center offers Turkish, Finnish, IR and bio-Finnish sauna. However, if you are wondering what to do in Slovenia when seeking for adrenaline activities, you can take the opportunity and descent and fly on five wire ropes in the Bohinj zipline park.

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What to do in Slovenia when visiting Lake Bohinj?

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On the Bohinj Tourist Association website, you can book and sign up for a traditional hiking Bohinj tour, which will lead you to the famous Savica Waterfall, located in the rocky wall above Ukanc village. With a local guide, you will learn about local features and its history. You will visit the church of St. John the Baptist and hike along the north shore of the lake and ascent to Savica Waterfall. You will also enjoy tasting local delicacies and cruising on a boat around the lake. For getting information about what to do in Slovenia when visiting the Bohinj area, it is best to make a stop at the reception of the tourist association in Ribčev Laz. At the reception, you can ask about mountaineering tours, guided trips, sports, accommodation and more. You can also contact the association's representative via the website.

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Savica waterfall

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