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LED outdoor wall lights can be a creative solution of your lighting

Creating brightness to make darkness more interesting and less horrifying is a beautiful mission. LED outdoor wall lights not only have practical and security benefits, but can also add a stylish design to property's exterior. They can transform our outdoor spaces, create an atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining and are ideal for illuminating external areas of a property such as walk ways, porches and outdoor sitting areas.

LED outdoor wall lights design

How to choose the right outdoor LED light wall fixture

Before we buy the right light fixture, we should take into consideration quite a few things, not only for aesthetic appeal, but for safety as well. If we are looking to primarily protect our home through the addition of security lights, we must search for the best place to mount them.

When we are choosing the right fixture for our outdoor area, one of the most important factors is also the UL rating that the fixture carries. UL wet and UL damp ratings both indicate that a fixture can be used outdoors. However, they also indicate for which outdoor areas it is suitable. While wet-rated ones can stand up to the elements like ice, snow, intense rain, harsh, salty breezes from the ocean and be therefore placed on an exposed deck, veranda, lanai, gazebo, or pergola, some damp rated fixtures may only hold up to a certain level of moisture and indirect weathering so they can only cover carport, covered patio, screened porch, bathroom, kitchen or outdoor locations that have no direct exposure to water, rain, or snow.

Wall LED light design

Modern wall lighting is so versatile and space-saving, it can be part of any room. We can add a decorative wall sconce to an entryway or living room to make a statement while providing ambient light. LED wall lighting ideas can be very diverse and interesting. Because of the wide choice of their diverse shapes and sizes, we can really put our imagination in use. They are suitable for various unique, imaginative designs. Wall LED light design can be almost anything. We can use them like paintings, we can assemble different shapes or sizes to create patterns, abstract or even realistic images, it really only depends on how rich is our imagination.

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Architectural outdoor LED lights

They are used for enhancing or even slightly changing exterior of various buildings. At night, they can change buildings into something else, something magical and mysterious. With them we create beautiful spaces for local residents and tourists, that will visit more frequently and with more passion. They can light up the building in diverse colours and the most beautiful part of all this, with them we can put an accent on exactly the part of the building that we want. They exist in different versions. From discrete ones, that get used more for the safety reasons, to the ones that light the whole facades and have options of colour changing etc.

LED wall lighting ideas for pool

LED pool wall lights

These kind of LEDs can help us to safely enjoy our pool at night. Magnetic LED Pool Lights represent the most practical choice on this area of lighting. They use magnetic technology that safely generates low voltage current through the pools sidewall to a powerful LED light inside the pool. The advanced, energy efficient LED lights are designed with a special lens shape for the most powerful, long-lasting illumination in water. The magnetic attachment allows you to place them anywhere on the pool wall. You can enjoy this lighting without any installation. IT easily illuminates pools up to 24ft and includes 110 - 120V LED Light and magnetic wall mounting system.