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MDF lacquering at our company pleases the most demanding of customers

MDF lacquering and glass lacquering are fields of work in which our company has been working for a long time. We have developed a production line for the manufacture of lacquered furniture elements, so many companies decide to trust us with their products, because they know the desired work will be performed excellently. We most often perform MDF lacquering and chipboard lacquering. It is also possible to lacquer to high gloss or a matte finish. It is however true that the most often performed lacquering is that tot a high white gloss, since our production line is specialized to it. If you’re in need of MDF lacquering of excellent quality you won’t be sorry for choosing us.

MDF lacqueringMDF lacquering is the enrichment of rough, raw surfaces

MDF lacquering means the processing of MDF with lacquer. MDF boards look similar to chipboards. MDF is a shortening of medium-density fiberboards, which are made from wood fibers with added resin. With the lacquering of MDF elements to a high gloss the boards become high quality, stable and homogenous products with a great esthetic value and long-lasting durability. Furniture made from lacquered MDF can also be enriched with lacquered glass, which can be a component of the piece of furniture. Our company specialized in the lacquering to high gloss, which is why our products looks so good.

Lacquering of furniture elements to a high gloss is excellent with us

Many companies choose lacquering of furniture elements to a high gloss because we have a modern UV lacquering line, which produces fast and high quality products. This is how we are able to process even very large orders. The production lacquering line enables us to lacquer furniture surfaces with high-quality UV hardening polyester lacquers. We are specialized for high gloss lacquering of furniture elements.

Glass lacquering is a high-quality addition to furniture

Glass lacquering is not as often requested as MDF lacquering or chipboards lacquering, but it is still sometimes used even in the furniture industry. Many pieces of furniture have glass doors or display cases, which can be enriched with the use of lacquered glass.