Luxury stone house in Krk

There are many beautiful destinations in Croatia, but villas or a luxury stone house for rent in Krk is undoubtedly one of the best choices for your vacation. There are many beautiful beaches on Krk island - from secluded remote wild parts of the coast that are sometimes only accessible on foot or even by boat to lively city beach resorts. You can rent a luxury stone house in Krk village by the name of Kornič‡ or choose an apartment in a villa (Pavi apartments, Villa Amalia) in Šilo - from four to five star apartments with a pool.

Luxury stone house for rent in Krk, Croatia

Islands in Croatia can offer you many different types of accommodations, from villas to luxury stone house. The island of Krk Is known for its beautiful weather and clear sea as well as friendly and tourist-oriented inhabitants. Pavi apartments can offer you two beautiful houses in the village called Kornič‡ which is located near Punat , the second biggest town on the island (the biggest is called Krk, the same as the island). You can see both houses as well as our Villa Amalia (Šilo) on our webpage. If you are interested in Krk beaches and luxury accommodations, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Luxury stone house in Kornič‡, Krk

Luxury stone housesThere are many beautiful little villages in Krk (Croatia) where you can get a luxury stone house for rent, but a little village called Kornič‡ is one of the most beautiful places on the island. We have 2 stone holiday houses, called K55 and K13. The first one is situated in the old village centre, the second one in a quiet neighbourhood. Both are around 800 m from the sea. Both houses have running water, central heating and air conditioning. In summer these traditional houses made of stone provide a cool environment despite high outside temperatures and offer a sense of tradition and connection to nature. Especially since you can visit the nearby Krk beaches at any time.

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