Dream holiday apartments by the sea

Looking for holiday apartments by the sea can be quite difficult at the last minute that is why we advise you to find your holiday destination in advance - find luxury villas with pools just a few steps away from the beach in Šilo (the island of Krk, Croatia). Pavi apartments can offer you beautiful accommodations surrounded by nature and sea. You can rent an apartment in Our Villa Amalia (Krk, Croatia) - holiday apartments by the sea. The island of Krk is very easily accessible, since it has its own international airport and a bridge connecting it to the mainland Croatia.

Luxury Croatia villas with pools

Holiday apartments in Krk... and sauna, if you wish. Holiday apartments by the sea (Šilo beach, Krk) are as god as it gets. You can sit on your balcony or take a stroll along the beach and enjoy our beautiful sunsets. If you came on holiday to enjoy night-life, there are plenty of things to do here. Active families or individuals can rent an apartment in the city of Krk, second biggest island in Croatia, and make their holidays as active as they want. Imagine getting up before the sunset, taking a walk to the beach and wait for the sun to rise - while jogging or drinking your morning coffee. Holiday apartments by the sea in Villa Amalia have what it takes to make your vacation a success.


Villa Amalia - holiday apartments by the sea in Šilo

There are 6 apartments in Villa Amalia: 4 Palma apartments, one luxury apartment and one luxury apartment with a pool. With its beautiful islands, such as Krk, Croatia has many things to offer. Rent an apartment near the beach in Šilo (Krk) and pamper yourself. Information is available on our website, for detailed information you can contact us through e-mail or phone.

Spend your holiday in our apartments by the sea.

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