Luxury villas in Croatia

Croatian villas with sea viewAre you looking for accommodation on Krk island in Croatia? Luxury villas are available as well as other housing for rent. The island of Krk is situated in the Kvarner gulf, which is located in the north part of the Adriatic sea. Until recently Krk was believed to be the biggest Adriatic island, but latest measurements show that Cres island is slightly larger. Nevertheless, this beautiful island is the ideal holiday destination if you are looking for luxury villas in Croatia, apartment with sea view and with or without a swimming pool. Also available are incredible stone houses that will sooth your body and soul. Pamper yourself in our luxury villas in Croatia.

Accommodation on the island of Krk (Croatia)

When looking for housing for rent in Croatia make sure to check 'the whole package' - not only luxury villas and beautiful apartments, but also check what does the rice include and what activities are available nearby. Sometimes people only want an apartment with sea view and their plans do not go further than relaxing and enjoying the sea and free time. Other people want to be as active as possible and would be absolutely bored in a peaceful and isolated town. Luckily Krk can offer you both: peaceful beaches, sometimes accessible only on foot or even by sea as well as vibrant day- and nightlife for all generations. Luxury villas in Krk (Croatia) are available in via e-booking.

Islands in Croatia - rent luxury villas

Villa Amalia (Pavi apartments) in located in a small town called Šilo in the north-eastern coast of the island o Krk. It is famous for its beautiful beaches. If you are looking for luxury villas in Croatia, look no further. Our Villa Amalia has 4 Palma apartments (4 stars), 1 luxury apartment (4 stars) and 1 luxury apartment with a pool (5 stars). We offer housing for rent throughout the year - from apartment with sea view to luxury stone houses. Check accommodation availability on Krk island (Croatia) for your next holiday.

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