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Band Heaters: Mica, Mineral Insulated, and Ceramic

The mica band heater with thermocouple consists of a nickel and chrome resistant wire wrapped around a sheet of mica and is then placed between two additional sheets of mica. An exterior corrosion-resistant steel enclosure surrounds and protects the mica sheets and wires. Mica heaters consist of resistance wire or an insulated band between two mica plates. This assemblage is protected by aluminum or stainless steel sheets, which are very resistant to heat and corrosion. It is specially designed for the 350°C (662°F) operating temperature. These mica band heaters can be manufactured in one or more pieces to assist the installation and for large diameters and is equipped with a screw holder, threaded terminals, cables, or plug for the electrical connection. Mica band heater can be accessible in a water-resistant version with diameters less than or equal to 80 mm with notches, thermocouples, or drilled holes.

Types of Band Heaters

There are three main types of band heaters: mica, mineral insulated, and ceramic. They all are the insulators for the heating element. Mica band heaters are ring-shaped heating devices that are fixed around a cylindrical element. Heat is transferred from the band heaters by the conductive method. The micanite band heaters are made with high-quality micanite sheets, and high temperature treated stainless steel case and good quality resistance wire. The power supply can be connected using pre-assembled cables, contacts, or connection boxes.

Ceramic Band Heater in stainless steel housingMicanite Band Heater in housing made of stainless steel platesSpecial versions of band heaters with high-performance spiral

Most of the mica band heaters are installed around the outside diameter of the tubular element and the element is heated from the outside. Some products are around the inside diameter of the tube. Mica band heater is generally fitted with ceramic or metal insulation to decrease the loss of heat to the environment. These heaters are mostly utilized in plastic injection molding as well as contact heating in nozzles, machines, tools, blow molding and piping systems. It is the most utilized electric heater for the rubber and plastic industry.  

The choice of band heater requires an analysis of specifications and performance. Parameters to consider include: maximum operating temperature, watt density, and required AC voltage. Essential measurements to consider in the mica band heaters include width, band and internal diameter. As a general rule, the internal diameter of the range radiator should be the same size as the outside diameter of the cylinder to be heated. No other band heaters have the design and flexibility as mica insulated heaters. Flexible machines for sheet metal fabrication, specially designed engineering software with integrated intelligence, and experienced and talented engineers go beyond the limits of the band heater design. Since the mica band heaters are conductive heating elements, intimate contact with the surface to be heated is essential to ensure long service life.   In smaller mica ranges, the watt density can generally be higher. If the application requires higher temperatures or higher watt densities, another variety of patterns should be specified. You have options regarding nozzle or band heating requirements. Dependent on the application, you can choose the type of insulation you will use. One of the best mica band heater manufacturer is VIMOSA d.o.o.

Special Band Hetares with from 20mmMicanite Band Heaters diameter from ø 25 mmCeramic Band Heaters diameter from ø 60 mm

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